Saturday, May 3, 2014

3 Bedroom House Type Z

Hi all.

I know it is looooooooooooooooooooooooooong overdue but my excuse remains the same.  I am now being bossed around by a girl under 2 feet tall weighing 9kgs resulting in my absence and lack of updates for this blog.

Okay, as of a 3 bedroom apartment type Z.  This is in Ruwais 4. There isn't much difference in the apartment in Ruwais 3 or 4. MAybe the design of the tiles..very menial things. Not worth fretting about.

Can't say much.. Lil Miss Hello Mum I Am Here Waiting is sternly looking at me.

Enjoy the pics. Oh yeah..I will not compile the pics using photogrid. I think it is better to view the pics individually..

Foyer with entrance to the living room

Foyer with entrance to the family room
Guestroom/living room
Dining room

Family room
Family room
Corridor from kitchen past the family room
 to the bedrooms


Maid's room but Hana is turning it into her sewing room.

Common Bathroom

Bedroom 1 with built in wardrobe.
(Bedroom 2 is the same. Same size same setting)

Master bedroom.
Personally, i think the size of the master bedroom in this 3 bedroom apartment is smaller compared to Hana's previous 2 bedroom apartment in Ruwais 2

Walk-in closet in the master bedroom

Bathroom in the master bedroom.

Thank you again Hana for allowing me to use your house for the purpose of blogging.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Ruwais Mall has finally opened!!! post will be rather straight forward.  Firstly, it has been a while since I have written anything so my ideas are rather invisible..can't find them, writing has become rusty, and then there is my the moment..I live in my baby's world and not the other way round.

Well..back to the main thing..yes..the Ruwais Mall finally opened after I have been waiting for 3 years.  So far, the stores opened are:
1. LuLu Hypermarket
2. Daiso
3. Nayomi (ladies lingerie shop)
4. Malabar (goldshop)
5. Inglot
6. Babyshop
7. Splash (Clothes)
8. Sun and Sands (Sports equipment and attire)
9. FunCity (Theme Park)
10. Royal Cinema

The LuLu Hypermarket
Some of the shops

And some more far.

Coming soon

Picture Credits to Bettina Schmit. Thank you Bettina for always being so supportive.