Friday, October 11, 2013

Feedback please...

Hello there...have you missed me?  
I have to admit that my blog has been down and kept hidden because I am extremely busy with my new baby..still am..sigh..sigh..
Although she is 5 months now, she still she craves for so much attention especially from me...errrrrr..maybe because I am the bearer of the duuh..Do you know that I consider myself lucky if I can have a long shower and wash my hair..I am luckier if I remember to even brush my teeth!! can imagine eh..if I am scrambling to get the essentials done what more with writing a blog..I just don't have the same amount of free time as I used to and not wanting to upset people by not replying to your inquiries or comments..I decided to keep my blog away for a while.  Now that my baby is asleep and she has regulated her sleeping patterns at night...which starts at 12 am everyday with a 4 hr gap before the next opera session..I can manage to squeeze in some time for my blog. 
If she is not asleep..this is how she would be...seriously..

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Oh..before I continue yapping..first and foremost, I am happy to say that I was informed by several friends that my blog has received a couple of shoutouts from two websites..the  and also the you to the ladies who find my blog worthwhile that they have put a link to my blog and referred people to visit me here! Thank you..thank you.. I appreciate it and feel very honoured to get some recognition for this small contribution I am making to the public!!!  

Well..since I have written about blog has seen and received such an overwhelming response.  I get many visits per day, from many countries as compared to before and that shows how much I am helping people who are inquisitive about Ruwais that they will be coming to or are considering to come to. Although my main target readers are my fellow Malaysians..but alhamdulillah..other nationalities are also finding it helpful which pleases me to the max.  I am glad that my sole intent to write up on Ruwais which is to  help people know more about this place is fulfilled.

And because of need the roles to be reversed.

As I know some of you who have read my blog either from Malaysia or elsewhere have already reached Ruwais and are resuming with their lives here while some are also in the same facebook groups as I am, therefore I do not think it is too much for me to ask from you for one favor, dear silent readers or followers..named or anonymous. The favor I am asking is would you please be kind enough to provide me with some feedbacks concerning my posts. The examples of feedbacks that I am seeking are ones that tell me whether the information that I had provided was accurate or not,  if it was a bit misleading or whether it was helpful  and it what ways were my posts misleading ..accurate..helpful.  Feedbacks are very much appreciated as it could help make my posts better.  

Come on me.  Instead of me being the one who provides you with information..why not you provide me with some feedbacks concerning the contents of my Ruwais posts. What say you...

p/s I know have have used the word 'feedback' in abundance..but at 3.27 am..that is the only word that seems to be accurate..even Mr Thesaurus could not fulfill my quest for another word that best fits 'feedback'..


SillyMe said...

Hi! I have reached Abu Dhabi and am SOOO CLOSE to Ruwais! Am waiting for my housing so currently in Ghayathi Hotel! But as soon as I am actually settled in Ruwais, I will happily give feedback! I, for one, am grateful for your blog and for you taking time to answer my questions before I left the US!!! I **have** missed your blog!!

R.A.S said...

Hi there Silly Me!
Glad to know that you are almost reaching Gayathi.
Thank you for missing my blog..:)
And pleeeaseee...pretty pretty give me some feedbacks.

Good luck on your new journey.

Sue Ogden said...


I am a teacher in Wilmington, Delaware. I will be arriving in Ruwais Mid December to Direct a Science Camp - and I found your Blog to be very helpful. I know you said you wanted to know who was reading so I decided to say "hello" from USA. I am not sure which hotel I will stay in- do you have a suggestion? Thanks

R.A.S said...

Thank you so much Sue Ogden and I am very much happy and pleased to have helped you through this blog.

Concerning the hotels, well there are 2 which are rather close to the Ruwais Housing Complex which are the Danat Hotel and Gayathi Hotel.

Do check out the websites. And if I am not mistaken, Gayathi Hotel is rather new compared to Danat. In terms of service..I am unable to say as I have not been a patron there.

Good luck and welcome to Ruwais in December.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your entry on Ruwais. I am contemplating for a job in Ruwais. However am bit worried about the working environment. Like you did I google-d a lot to find info about Ruwais and bumped into your blog. Do you know any woman engineer working there? Is it a safe place for a single woman? Hope you could share some insight. Thanks :-)

R.A.S said...


Hello there are in luck because I do know a couple of female engineers who are working in Ruwais.

As i am not an acquaintance to them, I am a bit worried about parading their names here.

What you can do is.. do send me a message on my FB account and I shall tell you how you can come into contact with them.

I hope you understand. Not many people appreciate their names being given out..the same as phone numbers, emails etc without first seeking for their approval.


Anonymous said...


Hi Rosfida,
I found this blog while "googling" Ruwais. I got a job offer and would like to get as much info I could get about Ruwais before I make up my mind. And this blog has been really helpful especially that it details out the info that we seek first and foremost - Accommodation, cost of living, safety. Thanks a lot for taking time and making effort to share the information with us all. Really appreciate it. Hope to see you soon - NS

R.A.S said...

Thank you NS.

Hope to see you soon.