Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Don't Ever Stop Losing Faith..

In my previous posts, I think I have written about my struggles with PCOS, a fertility condition that makes it quite difficult for me to conceive.  I have always thought that if I had wanted another baby, then I would have to start again with the whole ordeal of getting my body invaded with tools and gadgets and chemicals to assist getting me pregnant.  Little did I remember there is the higher force to whom I could always turn to, a force greater than science;  He ..who would guarantee the best for me.

Let's take a short education on how one could conceive..believe me..this won't be a 'dirty' post!  Firstly, a woman must have her menses right?  And between the 13th to 15th day from the first day she had her red flag up, that is when her ovum or eggs are out and fresh from the oven readily waiting for some tender loving.      And when that happens, millions and millions of sperm would fight their way to woo that single or double or even triple ovum that is out in the ovary and when it is successful..tadaaa..you are pregnant.
Unfortunately, in my case, I do not have a regular menstrual cycle because of my PCOS and the best thing is..I have been free from having red flag days (yeah..yeah..my hubby is a lucky man) for 2 years  the last time I counted, meaning..I haven't ovulated in 2 years so to get pregnant is not as easy as 1, 2, 3 for me. 

Some 8 months ago, I was having my medical check-up for a job position. It was at the pathology department that I was given a 'splendid' news when I saw on my blood test result written in bold red "NOT FIT FOR X-RAY".  When I asked the technician who handed me my results as to why I could not have an x-ray done on me, he refused to answer sternly answering that I should see the doctor on the second floor.  'Did I have cancer?' was the first thing that crossed my mind and after asking a couple of times..the man who handed me my result reluctantly told me that I was pregnant.  I was in utter shock, disbelief and so many other things.  We had not planned for a baby let alone even think of having another one..yet..I demanded to see a doctor, in case the result was tampered or  wrong..you know..the things you think of when you are in denial. As I got to the doctor's office, I was told that my hormone levels were so high it could not have been faulty thus confirming my pregnancy.  

Again, I was in doubt, sceptical..how could it have happened..besides the obvious happy hour thingy..I HAVE NOT been having my cycle for 2 whole years!!!
But then, let's not forget God who's been watching over us and if/or when  He says Kun Fayakun..which means "Be! And it is." (surah Yaasiin) therefore all things impossible will be possible!  That's what happened to me.  For a woman who hasn't been menstruating for 2 years, getting pregnant might seem a little far fetched I may say but if Allah says "Kun Fayakun" what can you say?  While I am writing this post, I am rubbing my gigantic tummy with this life inside of me waiting to come out in another week or so..and I can never stop thanking Him for this gift that He has given us.  

What I am trying to say is..we often give up hope when failure has constantly been the outcome to those who have been trying for something; a new life, a new beginning, or even another child.  Regardless of whether you have only one Fallopian tube, regardless of whether certain acids in your body are killing those sperms, regardless of whether you have many medical reasons which may hinder you from conceiving..ALWAYS ALWAYS BELIEVE in God..never stop losing faith in Him and never stop asking from Him..from He who knows what is best for you and for all you know, He might just grant what you wished for without you noticing it!

Baby A..we are waiting for you!

P/S This post was written a couple of weeks ago..as of today..I have given birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl who I am intensely in love with.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bear With Me.

I know I have said that I will upload more pictures of the apartment units, however, it is not that easy.  Firstly, not many people are comfortable with the thought of having pictures of their sanctuary posted on some bored woman's blog for the view of others and another restriction is..most of my friends are in the apartment units and none in villas.  Therefore, it is very difficult to show you the variety of housing units which are offered. 

So..dear readers who are very curious about Ruwais and its housing complex, do bear with me and have patience for I am trying to accommodate your curiosity..If there are those who I have managed to persuade to let me into their house and take pictures, then surely it will be posted here for all to see.  

Thank you for your understanding.