Saturday, April 13, 2013

2 Bedroom House Type Y

As I have promised, these are pictures of a 2 bedroom Y type apartment in Ruwais 3.

This is the foyer.

This area is a large area divided into 2 sections. Mostly tenants turn it into their family and living room.


This is the dining area or even you can make it into a family area.

This is the second bedroom.  Please do not mind the daughter was responsible for this heinous crime!

Bathroom 2

Oh dear..I forgot to take pictures of the laundry room and the maid's room with the bathroom.  And agaiiiiin..gimme time for me to update this post with more pictures!  Thank you Pn Hana for allowing me to invade every inch of your house for my personal have also contributed to providing some social services to readers of my blog.  You are indeed appreciated!

Now, these are pictures of the master bedroom in a Y-type 2 bedroom apartment in Ruwais 4.  It is mostly similar to the master bedroom in Ruwais 3, the only difference is the tiles in the bathroom.  But that shouldn't be a problem eh..Thank you Pn. Marlina R for sending me these pictures.  You are mostly appreciated. 

Bathroom 1 (Master bedroom)

Walk-in-closet in master bedroom

Master bedroom with adjoining balcony. The only balcony.


The Tea Drinker said...

ouuuuhhhh.. niceeee.

A.I said...

Selesanya.... bilik ayor mcm kt hotel ^___^

R.A.S said...

Dear Tea and Intan,
Yes, alhamdulillah..the apartments provided are very comfortable. What more could you ask for.

SillyMe said...

Does your job determine which housing complex you live in when you move to Ruwais? Do the ADNOC teachers live in only certain housing complexes?

Anonymous said...

hi RAS, where u stay actually from Borouge ...staying in T 6313...nobody impress me like you ...the way you send ur info ..really too great dear ...

suraj said...

hi ras ..great blog ..great ifo ..great effort from Borouge ..T 6313..would like to hear from u

R.A.S said...

Dear Silly ME,
I am not sure what the package is for teachers in terms of getting the villas or apartments but I do know that they are given the same accommodation as other staffs employed either by Borouge, Takreer, Fertil or Gasco.

For BOROUGE staffs, the type of housing you are given is based on whether you intend to bring your family or not. If you do, then you will be given either a villa or apartment depending on your position grade and the number of children you have. If you choose not to bring your family, then you have the option of living in the bachelor's unit or to share an apartment with 4 other staffs.

Cheers. Hope this helps.

R.A.S said...

Dear Suraj,
Thank you for the compliments!
So are in T6313..surely you must know Umesh..he is my husband's colleague. We are in Ruwais 2.

Keep in touch.

SillyMe said...

Thanks so much! What are the villas? Houses?

R.A.S said...

Dear Silly Me,
The villas are the single/double storey terraced houses or the bungalows.

Anonymous said...

Very nice apt. Do teachers that work for glenelg have imikar units? Thank you for sharing.

R.A.S said...

Dear ANon,
Sorry..but I do not understand the meaning of imikar units..

istriaki said...




Can we schedule another photoshoot?


R.A.S said...

Hahaha..the house is okay ja..must ask Khalida to clean up for you.

Anonymous said...

Does all the flats, at the complex, has carpets?
everyone can rent a flat there?
are pets allowed?

thank you so much. I habe been leaving in abu dhabi city for 4 year...I may be moving to the west zone next year.

R.A.S said...

Dear Anon,
No the houses (apartments and villas) come carpetless.

Supposedly, pets are not allowed...supposedly being the operative word.