Saturday, April 13, 2013

2 Bedroom House Type Y

As I have promised, these are pictures of a 2 bedroom Y type apartment in Ruwais 3.

This is the foyer.

This area is a large area divided into 2 sections. Mostly tenants turn it into their family and living room.


This is the dining area or even you can make it into a family area.

This is the second bedroom.  Please do not mind the daughter was responsible for this heinous crime!

Bathroom 2

Oh dear..I forgot to take pictures of the laundry room and the maid's room with the bathroom.  And agaiiiiin..gimme time for me to update this post with more pictures!  Thank you Pn Hana for allowing me to invade every inch of your house for my personal have also contributed to providing some social services to readers of my blog.  You are indeed appreciated!

Now, these are pictures of the master bedroom in a Y-type 2 bedroom apartment in Ruwais 4.  It is mostly similar to the master bedroom in Ruwais 3, the only difference is the tiles in the bathroom.  But that shouldn't be a problem eh..Thank you Pn. Marlina R for sending me these pictures.  You are mostly appreciated. 

Bathroom 1 (Master bedroom)

Walk-in-closet in master bedroom

Master bedroom with adjoining balcony. The only balcony.

Dear Silly Me...

Dear Silly Me,

Thank you first and foremost for liking my blog topics on Ruwais.  It means a lot for a small time blogger like me!
Secondly, I have decided to answer your questions and made it into a post on its own because I think many other vegans or readers could benefit from it. I do hope you do not mind.  Lastly, please excuse my tardiness in replying for I have been a bit under the weather lately.

Now, regarding your questions:

1.  Yes, they have tofu and it costs Dhs 5 per pack. Usually the stocks come in on Mondays or Thursdays.  However, you can also get the ones made by some of the Indonesians here but prices vary from one      seller to another.  In terms of taste, both are nice and tasty but price wise, the ones you get from the      market are much much cheaper.

2. Regarding soy/almond/rice milk, I have only seen soy milk so far and that is probably due to the fact that I am an avid fan of soy milk myself. It comes in many flavors, low sugar, no sugar added, soy milk with corn, soy milk with dates.  But, they run out fast.  So if you see any in the market, just stock up for yourself.
     Maybe there are some rice or almond milk but it just have never crossed my sight. I will check it up for you when i next go to the market, okay?

3.  In Ruwais itself, what can a 14 year old boy do?  We do have the recreation club and there is a court to play either tennis or badminton, a swimming pool and also a small cinema.  Other than that,  there are outdoor courts in which he could also play tennis or badminton at our Ruwais Big Park and even a soccer field where most of the boys play at in the afternoons.  Cycling around Ruwais is another option.  It all depends on him and how he manages to adapt himself to this place.  Like myself, I am still trying to encourage my 11 year old boy to get off his bottom and go cycling or play soccer instead of being stuck to the PS3!!! LOL...I haven't succeeded yet..

4.  Regarding the mall..I have kept mum all this while about it because seriously..I do not have an answer.  There are many rumors circulating this issue so far with some saying it will not be opened but turned into a government office, some say that it will be opened but not all parts of it though, some say that it is still under construction..and from the looks of it..that bit is true..So, there are many stories heard regarding the Ruwais Mall and unfortunately, I do not know anyone who can at least acknowledge which bit is true.  

Hope my answers have satisfied you.  And thank you for visiting my blog and appreciating my efforts.