Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bachelor's Unit in Ruwais

Thank you Ija for allowing me to take pictures of your home for my blog!

Corridor from the elevator
Entrance from the front door

                                                      Living Room



These are pictures of Ija's house in the bachelor's apartment.  It only has one bedroom and bathroom while the kitchen is an open kitchen overlooking the living room.  Frankly speaking,  if I were a newly wed or single, this apartment is luxurious in terms of space.  However, it will still be comfortable with 2 small children.   It is known that there are some occupants who have families with them in the bachelor's unit. It depends on how you can cope.

Next round would be my apartment.


Wan Sharif said...

Agreed it is enough for newly married ..and even with two young children.. But then the company pay for the rent non!.. Or they give suitable amount of money for rent.. And worker can choose to upgrade or otherwise..

R.A.S said...

The apartment is provided by the company that you are working with so yes, I would have to say that it is paid for by the respective companies to ADNOC. And if the employee finds that the unit is no longer suitable for his/her family, he/she can apply to move into bigger units. However, the waiting period is terribly long!

Anonymous said...

No bedroom photos ? :P

PS. It s pretty big for a bachelor's apt.

R.A.S said...

Dear Anonymous,
I really wish I was allowed to post pictures of the bedroom, unfortunately, the tenant of this house forbade me to do so..:(..BUt, it is rather large, the bedroom itself.

Anonymous said...

if we avail a bachelor accommodation instead of family we get a small part of rental allowance in hand?

R.A.S said...

Dear Anon,
From what I hear, if you are legible for a bachelor's accommodation, you will be given some DHS monthly. But this I was informed by tenants of the bachelor's accomodation and not by ADNOC itself.
If you ask me how much you might/will be getting, I am sorry but I am unable to answer that for you.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosfida,
Thanks for your blog it is very helpful and each topic is realy interesting. Just want to ask if the bachelor accomodation in Ruwais is also availble for a small family or it is just for bachelors only? I'm just curious.


R.A.S said...

Dear Fil,
Thank you for the compliments. I am glad that the topics pertaining to Ruwais are useful and helpful to you.

Regarding your inquiry, technically, the bachelor's unit is for employees who come here on a single package whether they are married or not hence the name bachelor's unit. Let's say you are married but have decided to leave your spouse and children behind, then you will be allocated a unit in the bachelor's accommodation.

However, there are MANY who are living in the bachelor's unit with their family. So, i guess a small family could be brought into your bachelor's accommodation. :)

But mind you, this is MY personal opinion...looking at the size of the unit, it will still be comfortable to have 2 children at a maximum in the apartment. It is only a 1 bedroom apartment. If you have more than 2 children, I would suggest for you to apply for a family package and get a family unit instead. Again, this is my personal preference.

Hope I have helped.