Tuesday, June 12, 2012

An Introduction to Ruwais

Before I came here, I was super curious to know what Ruwais looked like, how Ruwais would be.  I would dedicate myself to browsing the internet hours after hours searching for something that I wasn't sure of..and when I would finally bump into pictures or blog s that were available, they just did not seem to fulfill this flaming curiosity in me.    Wikipedia, on the other hand, was extremely too detailed for my liking.  I needed to hear or learn about Ruwais from a real person's perspective..meaning how one first arrived here, adapted and adopted to this place that was far beyond imagination.   Having thought of that, I promised myself, that once I reach Ruwais and have started living here, I am going to blog about it just to satiate the same hunger from those who had sought to know more about Ruwais.  

Before I begin, let me tell you a bit about Ruwais that most of you might have read on Wikipedia.  There isn't much difference I can tell you.  Yes, as it states we are approximately  2 and a half hours drive away from Abu Dhabi and 3 and a half to 4 hours drive away from Dubai.  In between these drives there is nothing but the desert and some industrial sites upon reaching Abu Dhabi and Dubai.  So, driving is a challenge because for the lack of scenery, sleepiness can take its toll on you.  Qatar, heading  westwards is actually nearer to us as compared to Dubai but going there you would need to cross Saudi Arabia which Ruwais is in fact very close to its borders. However, to get to Qatar from Ruwais is not as easy as ABC.  You would have to go to the Saudi embassy first (nearest is in Abu Dhabi) to get a traveler's visa allowing you to pass Saudi Arabia to get to Qatar.

On the way to Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

The nearest lively town to Ruwais is Gayathi.  However, shopping in Gayathi is said to be more expensive thus the reason why residents there would take the 30 minutes drive or bus trips to Ruwais just for provisions but with a Lulu branch recently opened (our Giant hypermarket sort), there is now a stiff competitor for the local shops in Gayathi.  If you are searching for entertainment, be forewarned and do not get your hopes up high because you would be utterly disappointed.  There is nothing much that you could do in Gayathi, if  the cinema, snooker center, pubs or shopping malls had ever crossed your mind.  It is also a quiet town, a lot busier than Ruwais, but indeed a quiet one.

Being relatively a quiet town, to ease the mundanity of life that some might face here, ADNOC has provided residents with a recreation center which houses a bowling alley, small cinema, a swimming pool and some other indoor games, a cafeteria and a library.  There is another recreation center exclusively for the ladies which is the ladies' club.  The facilities are just like the RC without the bowling alley and theater.  I have to admit though, as much as I am embarrassed to..I haven't set foot on this place let alone pass by it.  So, excuse me for not providing any pictures.  Like me, as the recreation center has not been put to much use, my children would find solace at the big park situated just 30 footsteps away from our apartment.

Cafeteria at the RC
Photo credits to Bettina Schmit.

The big park at night.
Photo credits to Shahin Sha from the Ruwais Photographers Group

If not, a costlier alternative to having fun would be to make it a point to run away from Ruwais every fortnight.

Apart from that, we do have 3 banks, a post office and some small shops like a book shop, electrical shop, clothes, textile, tailoring, sports shop and one that has just about anything or everything you need at Ruwais Central but if you are quite fastidious about brand and quality, then I do advise you to go Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Ruwais Central.

Ruwais Central
Photo credits to Ruwais Photographers Group

In terms of security, so far, Ruwais has a low crime rate.  As far as it is made known to publiclah.  You rarely hear stories of either children or adults being kidnapped or molested or raped.  There was only once between Jan to March that there was a robbery at the Fatima Grocery shop situated just three buildings away from where I live. But that is as far as it goes. The police are always making rounds so there is this confidence factor to allow your kids to go by themselves to the park or the grocery shop nearby. However, bear in mind that although the chances of being kidnapped is down to nil,  our children might be victims of bullying from children of other nationalities who are known for their notoriety and rude mannerisms. 

Well, that is about it for the intro..my next post would be on the schools and markets and also the accommodation.  Hope you find this post informative enough. 


Wan Sharif said...

Tak pa lah.. Tulis aja nanti ada masa Ayohwang mari nawwat.. Nak tahu jugok how my friend fare in Ruwais ;)

Anonymous said...

This seems to be the perfect blog for me to read on since I would be assigned to work at Ruwais soon.. Thanks for this one Rosfida!

R.A.S said...

Dear Anon,

Thank you for appreciating my efforts.

You sure put a smile on my face!!!


Anonymous said...

we wud be joining ruwais soon. need to know if al ruwais mall has been opened? or still under construction?also what are internet facilities available in ruwais?

R.A.S said...

Dear Anon,
Ruwais Mall is yet to be opened and is currently under construction. Regarding on the internet facilities, please refer to my posts on Ruwais. It is there..if ytou need more info, feel free to ask.

Anonymous said...

We will be leaving to Ruwais
soon as my husband got job in Ruwais hospital .Thanks for the info shared through the blog really informative.
Hope this is good place to live with kids as me & husband being born & bought up in U.A.E Abu dhabi
we are little concerned about the place.Hope teh Ruwais shopping mall will be openend soon.
Insha allah may be we will get accomodation in ADNOC Ruwais housing complex.pLEASE ADVISE IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the advice I'l b coming to ruwais soon pls tell me about nursing jobs or oppotunities.

R.A.S said...

Sorry..I do not have any information on job opportunities.

Ryan said...

This is nice and short article about Ruwais.

I have developed a website for the Ruwais Housing Complex http://ruwais.info to meet the 2 needs of Ruwais : More accurate information about it on the internet, More posibilities for information exchange between people that live in RHC.


R.A.S said...

Good for you Ruyan..well done!

Anonymous said...

I would like take fresh diving licence, is there any driving school / instructor in Ruwais?