Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rain..oh rain..please come again.

Last 2 days for the first time ever..I mean in my 7 months of residing here, it rained heavily.  Er..what I mean by heavily is definitely according to the standards here and not like the rains that we have back home in Malaysia where 'heavily' could cause flash floods and all.  Hujan ciput jer kat sini..heheh

A typical sandstorm in Ruwais.  This is nothing compared to the ones in the open desert!

It began with a sandstorm in the morning and followed by strong winds at around 9.40 pm.  The kids just returned home with my En. AA from the park.    I thought I heard the sound of wind clearly from inside the house..opps..apartment..and I asked my eldest to check whether the front door was ajar or if the windows were slightly opened.  He didn't bother to check but instead replied rather casually.."'s raining, Mum."  Upon hearing that, Q himself and I were super excited that we called everybody and told them that it was indeed raining! Say what??? Rain??  And there we were, the 5 of us in our living room balcony watching the rain as it dropped from the clouds to fertilize the desert grounds.

As we were gawking, there it came a flash of a light.  At first, we were uncertain if it was lightning or not..come hardly ever rains here, let alone to have thunder and lightning?? must be kidding me. Even if it does usually is bouts of water like those that come from a sprinkling has never exceeded 5 minutes of raindrops but yesterday was different.  As we were debating, with my hubby strongly saying that it was definitely a lightning..there it came again right before our eyes..a thin bolt of light running from across the horizon into the dark nothingness.  And we all scrambled into the house apartment like little mice being shooed away with a broom when we heard the roaring of thunders one after another.  ( Alah 4, 5 kali jer..tapi kira banyakler tuh)  That was when unianimously the kids decided it was time to sleep. should rain more often!

It was raining heavily last 2 nights. It usually never rains like that..and for the first time, it felt like home.


The Tea Drinker said...

doa doa doa! jgn lupa doa next time!

A.I said...

rindu pulak kau dgn ujan ye fida? kt sni hari2 ujan. kalau x pagi, petang mesti turun punye :)

R.A.S said...

Intan..hehehe..jakun wey tengok hujan! Jarang jarang hujan kat sini..biler hujan jer macam nak lari jer ke bawah main air hujan..

R.A.S said...

Tea..yess boss!