Saturday, March 10, 2012

How We Get Babies...

During bedtime, Khalida loves listening to the story of her birth, how she came into this world without the gory details of my C-Sect.  I would always start with.."you know when you came out, the nice nurse brought you to me and said," Here Mummy..say 'Hi' to your beautiful baby.."  That is when she would gasp in delight upon hearing that the nurse called her beautiful. Yeah she is conceited like that!

One night, I was too tired to retell the story for the  trazillionth time.  Instead, I asked her to tell me how she came into my life. She got most of the details right, with a bit of over exaggeration on the part when the nurse claimed her to be beautiful.  She made herself into a fairy was "the most beautiful fairy princess ever and ever."  Not having been told of how she was conceived..she is a tad too young to know about the birds and the bees ( in our household, it is the birds and the flowers), I tested her by asking " Dedek, how were you made?"  
She replied, " I don't knowlah".  
"Surely you must have come from somewhere!  How did you suddenly come to our family?" I asked.
"Oh......." sounding all too confident. 
"You bought me.  First, you went shopping with Ayah. Then you went to the shop and you saw all the babies.  But you did not like the babies, because right, they were not beautiful.  Then, you walk walk walk..and you saw me"  She stopped awhile and gasped suddenly.  
" Aaaahhhh ..(gasping sound) then you saw me and you said "That is the most beautiful fairy princess".  And then right, you said to the nurse, " I'll take her".  So the nurse took me and bring me to you and said ," Here Mummy..say 'Hi' to your beautiful baby.." 
Then the story continues exactly how I told her with the nurse bathing her, wrapping her in a blanket and brought her to her Dad..yada yada yada.

Iman's side of the story pulak is like this.  I decided one day that I had wanted a baby. A baby girl that is.  So, I went to the hospital and looked through the glass where on the other side were a lot of babies in their small plastic container thingy.  I looked closely and decided that I wanted her.  Straightforward as opposed to her little sister's tale I have to say.  So, I just called out to the nurse and told her that I had chosen her.  The nurse then wrapped her up in a blanket.   Then, her father would take out a silver card from his wallet and give it to the nurse who would charge us for her.  After paying, we were ready to go.  

Qayyum pulak..lagiler simple " You had to have a lot of love and when you had a lot of love, Allah put me in your tummy and then the doctor cut you up."

If it were only that simple!  Pfftt..

Monday, March 5, 2012

Getting Them Teacher's Shoes Back On...

Yes!  My role as a teacher is effective starting from today!!!  Yippee....however....NOT as an English teacher if you might be wondering and not a teaching assistant even!  Guess what?  I will be teaching the Malaysian traditional dance! HAHAHAH..funny eh.

The school that my children is attending will be organzing an International Day on the 17th of March and our Malaysian team which consists of only 5 parents had bravely agreed to participate in the event just for fun's sake.  And to add to the jitterbugs that we are all facing at the moment with so many things to do and not many hands to help, one pretty bright smart-ass parent had suggested to put in a traditional dance for all the other nationalities to see.  And you know who that smartypants was...yours truly!  Due to that single bright idea, I was 'proudly' made the coach for the dance..pfftt!  

Not knowing any single Malaysian dance, I came up with the idea to perform the ever simple Tarian Endang which hails from my Minangkabau-an roots! Heheheh..sonong eh Jang...really..sonang eh..poning palo dibueknyo..As easy as it may seem, it is not that easy!  For starters, to choreograph the steps can be pretty difficult because you need different movements for each verses of the song.  That is what makes this tarian appealing.  Then, knowing that I am choreographing children, I also had to scour for simple dance movements which the kids can memorize easily, moves which will not stress them out or that can frustrate them.  Well, actually, is helping doing it for me. Next, like any other dances, you must have an ear for the beat as each and every movement should coincide with it.  Finally, a beautiful Tarian Endang that will be appreciated and catch one's eye is one that starts and ends in unison..for every single step, that is.  

To think of my little dancers ranging from the ages of 4 (yes, my little Khalida volunteered albeit not even going to school yet) to 13, this is going to be one hard nut to crack!  Having said that, I have to bear in mind, that I shan't be too tough on them because for these kids to participate is a grace itself and since this will be their first time participating in this sort of event, we will take it as it should be..slow and steady!  However, I will remain positive and enthusiastic!  After all..this is all for fun, right!  So, without wasting anytime, I am now going to switch into my He-man mode!  

"  By the power of Grey Skull, I have the poooooooowweeeeeerrrr!!!"

Wish us luck okay!