Monday, August 1, 2011

Rough time for me..

My mother suffered from a mild stroke just two weeks after we relocated to Ruwais.  This to me is the first trial in my life here.

It has been three weeks now and she is still in the hospital.  At first, things looked brighter with her being able to walk and stand even though assistance was required but when I called her this morning, she told me that 4 days ago she bumped her knee on a sink and now she is unable to stand let alone walk. I called my brother and he told me the MRI results have not come through yet has been three weeks!!! What is taking them so long??

I did suggest to my mother to be transferred to a private hospital but she was reluctant being confident with the government ones, not that I have any doubts but the tardiness is killing me.  I know that her main concern is money, not wanting to burden us with the bills but who cares about can be earned, savings are there for rainy days and being in debt for this is something I would not have a second thought about.  She still refuses saying that her friends: the doctors and nurses who were once her colleagues are around to which I agree. 

I want to go home to tend to her needs but one leg is pinned here.  I do have to consider my husband.  My kids have to register for school in two weeks time, I can just take the youngest one with me but then I fear that I might not want to come back..I don't know..I don't know..  My siblings are all working and when she is discharged who will take care of her? She will be alone at home until the others return!  And my father, his health is also one thing that I worry about.  At times he is okay but then at times he goes down with a fever. I know he misses my mum..

If only I were closer..God, render me your strength and wisdom to go through the days with this predicament in my chest..


The Tea Drinker said...

inshaAllah your parents will be fine. it is ramadhan where prayers are easily answered.

R.A.S said...

Tea, thank you. I do hope things turn out to be good..and yes, ramadhan is the best time for asking..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi RAS, how's your mom? Hope she's okay?
And yes, I understand your situation. We only have one mother......
And she depends on us.
Tell your mom a friend from Canada wishes her well and a speedy recovery.
You take care RAS, and selamat berpuasa.
Best regards.

R.A.S said...

Uncle Lee, thanks for the well wishes. You take care too!

yana@sudan said...

How is she now...?

R.A.S said...

YAna dear,
Thanks for stopping by. She is still fragile emotionally, worrying about my dad at home during this fasting month. I don't call her everyday now because everytime I do I cry and she doesn't need that. SHe needs strength so when I can muster up all the courage I call her.

Still no progress..MRI results will be out in October..can you believe that???

Thanks for asking..

A.I said...

Ya Allah! Sori beb, aku baru tau ni. Hope mak kau akan kembali sembuh & sihat mcm selalu. kau bykkan doa ye. aku tau camne perasaan kau tu. kalau tgk mak demam pon hati kita gundah gelana. apa lagi kalau sakit gitu..

Semoga semua yg terbaik utk mak kau fida, amin...

R.A.S said...

Intan, terima kasih!