Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My father in law opened an FB account..hooray for Ayah..but he just had to add me! Not that I have anything against him..but to have your Dad on your friend list is somehow weird for me. ( NOTE: FOR ME..not for you or Ali or Nana or any John or Jane Doe..Hal2 FB nih boleh buat ramai orang ..hmm..sentap)

This is my FIL for heaven's sake and not my real one who has seen the weirdest side of me and still loves me for who I am...?? Ye ker?. Like FB is the place where I go nuts and all without having to worry about upsetting my parents kan..(my POV, again) So, I just left it there, unaccepted, thinking that, okay, since he is already friends with all my kids and hubby, what more does he need from me kan..??.

Then one fine fine day, I saw that he was already on my friends list!!!! GDI..GDI..who was the culprit behind this??? I suspect my hubby or my son who both have access to my account! Can I strangle them both???? Can I unfriend my FIL...?(moronic question) Darn..darn..darn it! from today onwards, have got to watch my language on FB!! Have to really really think carefully on what I choose to paste on my status too. Grr.. Ada gak hikmahnyer tuh kan..


Aishah said...

he might be reading this for all you know:)


R.A.S said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that he does not stumble upon this site..ayoyo..if Ayah were to read my posts..

The Tea Drinker said...

awwww... the so control-ayu nanti.

R.A.S said... expect the girlie girlie comments from now on..shucks..hahaha..