Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chocolate milk or milk?

I was never considered to be fair by anyone for as long as I can remember. People always thought that I was either an Indian convert, Indian Muslim/Mamak or of mixed parentage.  

When I was growing up, I used to hang out with my cousin who is the most beautifulest (I know this word does not exist) child on earth having long black hair and skin as fair as snow.  So, when we were at parks people would often go gaga over her saying things like 'Comelnyer', ' are such a doll' etc etc..the rest are just to blah for me to remember (Note the envious tone)  As a teenager, same o..same o with people noticing my fairer friends over me and as a teenager at that time, getting attention from boys was necessary, right?  It didn't dent my self-esteem however..yelah..I'm lying..I was TOTALLY wrapped in self-pity choosing Fair 'N' Lovely as my bestfriend with the intention that over years of loyalty and commitment to this love affair, I would become fair..but as you never happened. 

As you grow older, you think that it will surpass with people looking deep into you instead of being recognized for your skin.  I can't deny  that having a fair skin can make you look more fresh, radiating and more presentable as compared to having a skin as dark as mine but is it what makes you, you?  Are you lesser than everyone else who are Snow Whites?  Would you be less successful  being chocolate? 

Even as an adult, it is a hard pang when people talk about being fair, however, I am stronger now to repel myself from having any inferiority complexes but have you ever thought of the implications that it might pose on a girl as big as 3 and 6 years old?  Have some justice to them!   Take a look at a child's face when you compliment her sibling to be cute or beautiful and you emphasize how this other sibling's skin is 'different' or fairer than the other.  Have you? No, because we are too busy looking at the fairer one.  Have you ever heard of a child say that she will look better in an orange light setting because it will make her 'lighter'?  No, because only her parents will have to endure that. So, before you decide to say your friends' children are comel/cute, make sure it stops at that.  There is no need to make a point of whether they have a darker or fairer skin.  No one can ever predict what damage a simple line like that might cause.

Ironically, people prefer chocolates over white ones eh..hahaha..ayat penyedap hati..

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