Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We all reached Abu Dhabi safe and sound.  Thank goodness the children were all well behaved on the plane. Thanks to Etihad for the on-board entertainment, if it were not for the selection of shows, I guess Khalida would have thrown a tantrum.  Q and Iman were very pleased too making Amat Apis and myself fly in peace.

We stayed in Abu Dhabi a night as we landed at 11 pm (4 am Malaysian time).  The next day, it was off to Ruwais.  The journey was okay with the kids looking out the car window most of the journey.  I guess they were put to awe at the sight of the dessert.  But along the way, Khalida gave us a welcome gift by puking on me!! I was covered from waist down in vomit so we stopped by the roadside to change.  Yes, stark naked..nope..only in my the middle of the dessert to change into clothes I worn for bed the previous night.  Well, in the middle of the blazing heat, no one was there so you gotta do what you have to do!  The dessert was all mine...

We resumed our journey and reached Ruwais before dark.  The children were once again engulfed in amazement with the surrounding lah..just lying..they were excited by the children's playground and even started making plans to go pronto!  We managed to lure them into our apartment and the moment they entered, they started running literally around the house.  Our unit is arranged in such manner a circle beginning with the living room to the dining to the TV room, bedrooms, guest WC back to the front door.  So you can imagine what ruckus they were up to that we were constantly telling them to control themselves in fear that it might upset the downstairs people! Iman has now taken to a liking to use her scooter to bring her around in the house.

Before Amat Apis came to fetch us, he managed to clear some of the boxes but having brought 99 I was left with almost half, in which all those boxes were in my domain.  Now, in the middle of unpacking, I have decided to take some time off to blog!  Selfish eh..heheheh..Today, I am supposed to clear the clothes and arrange them in the wardrobe.  The china and kitchen stuffs have been put to a halt until we manage to buy some extra storage.  Bit by bit..that is what hubby dearie is telling me.  Alhamdulillah, he is supportive of me and my slow progress.  Pictures would be up soon, once everything is ready.  I have to attend to Khalida now as she has learnt how to turn on the bathroom tap  making a swimming pool out of the bathtub.  That is all she does now... deliberately dirtying herself so she can have a shower swim.  I better make a move now before my whole house is drenched with water..


Wan Sharif said...

Somehow your posting as housemum..(after you left Kerteh) did not appear on my dashboard.. here I came from "the journey from one aishah" .. I can see that I miss at least 3 of your recent postings..
Can see that you are having some difficulties adjusting to Ruwaisian life.. thank God for M Apis support ;))
Here is my prayer that you will lead a better not so difficult life out there and may your efforts be well rewarded.. here and in the hereafter.

R.A.S said...

No wonder why I haven't heard from you..
Thank you for your prayers. It is a shame thought that we were not given the chance to meet up while I was there in Kerteh..Amat Apis sends his regards to you and family.