Thursday, June 9, 2011

Being a Housemum is One Heck of a Job!!!

It has been 5 weeks now since I last put on my show as a teacher resuming my role as a housewife and I have to tell you, it needs quite an adjustment.  When I was still making my own RMs, my friends and  I used to talk about how life would be simpler if we were a stay at home mom instead of working our buttocks off just  to get little respect and money.  If I could turn back the hands of time, I would go back to that period of my life and say quite the reverse!  It ain't easy being a MOM!

Not that I am complaining, nothing of that sort but at this moment I am racing to get everything settled before dawn breaks and still not completely lose my mind.. I realize how much Nining my helper has helped me a lot, now that I have taken her role.  Since I am not an early sleeper, I do not wake up early too.  Therefore , all the mopping and sweeping is done before I go to bed so that I can wake up to a clean house...NOT!!!  The kids wake up earlier so by the time I am awake, the house is already in the state of lunacy with toys and crumbs and water and Nutella scattered everywhere and anywhere.  Then, I have to hang the clothes to dry and cook lunch before 1 pm, clean the kitchen as well as the other parts of the house that has been terrorized by these monstrous children I sired..and see, there goes, I forgot to bathe them!  Feed them lunch, wash little Jem's toosh (Khalida is now Jem..and sometimes she is Aja from Jem and the Holograms), watch the two elder ones perform their prayers as well as doing mine, check my FB status, play Happy Hospital to distract me from being a mad woman, sweep again, go and buy stuffs from the market or grocer's and the list goes on and on and on until 9 pm when that is the time I holler the loudest to force them to bed.  But do they go to bed..yes they do but sleep they do will hear gigglings and cackles and singing and bombs exploding and by the time all this is over, it is already 10.30 pm. It doesn't stop here..remember I still have to re-sweep and mop the house!

Let's go down to 2 months ago when I was still a teacher (I am still one technically but on my UAE residence visa, it says that I am a housewife so let's go by that occupation) my days would end at 4 and that is when I would fetch my boy from school, Princess Iman from the mosque and head straight home to the comfort of my closet.  Other than that, it was all done my Nining except for putting them kids to bed.  So, whoever say's that being a housemum is easy peasy with lotsa cherries on top can really kiss my big fat black hairy cat!  IT ISN'T EASY!  To me, these housemums are the unsung heroes because they put up with a "job" that is never ending!  Maintaining a house is a task on its own, but to be added with the child rearing is already taking too much.  So to all housemums out there,who are still sane and live and kicking (unlike me)  I salute you!  

It has to be said that I am fortunate enough that my mother has always been my backbone ever since my husband left to work abroad.  I am accustomizing myself to this new role and if it were not for her, I guess I would have already crumbled and failed at being a Mum. Gosh.. my mum is the greatest!  As I am typing away all these thoughts I have, there my three angels are sleeping soundly beside me..and for me, being able to be with them at anytime of the day without having to think about 'would it be okay if I were to take a leave', 'would my colleagues be pissed off for having to relief me again' already a reward.  I may not earn my RMs anymore,  but I have earned my children back!


Wan Sharif said...

I teared at your last two statements..

R.A.S said...

You felt the emotion I was trying to express..yes, money is never anything compared to the lovely family one has.