Saturday, May 21, 2011

To Ruwais.

After two days of being entertained in Dubai, the day finally came for me to pave my way to Ruwais, a place I shall call home for the next 10 years of my life..perhaps.  As we departed the region of Dubai, the journey left me with nothing to describe as we went through  what was mostly the desert and barren lands.  Yet, as insipid as it may be for some, I was awed by the vastness of the land that kept on repeating its view throughout the entire journey!  This was my very first time seeing the desert in its physical form as compared to the many millions of times I've viewed it through my computer screen and I can assure you..the feeling is tremendously different.  Masyaallah..God is indeed great!

The sun being our companion

It took us three hours to reach last..after 12  treacherous months of waiting, I have set my sail.  As I was passing under the arch which seemed to be welcoming only me , I was speechless.  It seemed so surreal to me!! I was actually there..breathing the Ruwaisian ( there such a thing) air.  And all this time..looking at the view of this place through my husband's eye, I am seeing and looking at Ruwais with my own.  It may not be Dubai and all its glory, far away from is even more under developed compared to Kerteh, but I can see myself there..and I can see myself enjoying it there but most of all,  I know for sure that the children will have a blast here, and that is more important than having skyscrapers as the view from our balcony.  

The arch as you enter the housing complex

Glenag International School


A view of the playground from our living room.

This is from the masterbedroom.
A morning view...this was at 6 am!!!!

And now, I am getting down to business.  For the next few days, I will be on my feet setting up our apartment.  Alhamdulillah,  God..thank you time and time again for your grace upon our family!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting to Dubai

Alhamdulillah..after a boring 7 hour journey from KL, on the 29th of April, I managed to reach Dubai safe and sanity is still intact and that is most important..I hate long flights..totally loathe them but if it needs to be done then it needs to be done.  

 As I got off the plane, I was quite worried as I did not have a visa.  Some said that it was imperative while some others said that I would get one upon arrival and a minimal fee of 100 Dhs was all that it took.  Yeah..easy as it may seem but for a little lamb like me in a lion's world, it was pretty terrifying. All the fear vanished when a fellow Malaysian living in Dubai assured me that I had nothing to worry visa would be stamped at the custom officer's booth.  Phew..that was one hassle down.

Yes, the custom that is another lion to be feared..a tall Arab man in his kandora looking viciously at you and turning away in an instant as if I were a speck of dust annoying the heck out of him.  So unlike the Malaysian custom officers who would greet you with a heart-warming smile and reply to your salam in a friendly manner.  But hey.. I am merely a Malaysian visiting this land that belongs to him, so I guess he has every right to be cold, don't you say?

Passport stamped, said my 'thank you' and got the hell out of there in the speed of light..authorities really give me the creeps..they are as creepy as Reagan the possessed girl in made sure I steered away from trouble..Went to baggage claim, the MAS officials were nice indeed to take my bag for me from the conveyor belt, and off I went to meet my husband..There he was waiting for me and my heart skipped a beat..and as I went out from the airport I was more excited to see the Dubai I have heard of many many times as compared to seeing him...hahaha..what a wife..!  And we got near the town, there I was welcomed by the buildings fiercely scraping the skies right before me..I was amazed..and even more so when I saw the the tallest building in the world..the mesmerizing Burj Khalifa!

Then after a few rounds around town, we headed to the hotel..the London Suites, a 3 star hotel residing in the middle of a stadium.  A cheap hotel but extremely comfortable!  For 190 dhs per night, the room was more than it worthed!  Being disappointed by this cheap hotel was out of the question..I was purely satisfied by the warmth that it may not be a Hyatt but it was just as comfortable.  Yes..comfort comes first before prestige!

The morning after, hubby brought me to one of the largest shopping centre in Dubai where the LVs and Guccis and Christian Diors are to die for..hmm..okay..I know I am some shopping addict but before I came I constantly prayed to God that he protected my heart from wanting this and that during my visit prayers were answered!  There was nothing that I wanted (to Amat Apiz's surprise) except for some blouses which I could not find as they were either short sleeved ones or long-sleeved but very sheer!  Guess an Abaya would settle my problem! We then went round and round the massively huge building and I found a shop selling we bought them as I wanted to try it to see why it is such a crave back home in say is that it was nothing all that it is hyped to be..Whatla..all this macaroon craze for something that was nothing close to being extraordinary. 

For dinner it was at an Indian Restaurant called Najaf..we had the butter naan, fried mutton, Chicken 65 and an okra massala...How was the food???? DELECTABLE!!!  It satisfied my tummy and I was an extremely happy girl for the night. One thing though..I still cannot manage to find the authentic Arab food.  Indian cuisines come aplenty and western outlets as well as fastfood restaurants but nothing Arab there! 

Then off we went to the Gold Souk..and people kept on calling us 'Pare', a word to refer to the Phillipines..but it means 'friend'.  There we were looking at all these gold jewelleries from one shop to the other and all I bought was a Abaya..hahaha..ironic eh..buying an Abaya at the Gold Souk!  

My say of Dubai is, if you love shopping, you will love Dubai but why go to Dubai when Pavillion in KL is there to fulfill all your shopping desires. However, you will be awed by the beauty of its modern architechture.  Frankly, I did not get the umphh feeling..maybe because I did not go to the recreational places yet..So , Altlantis and Ski Dubai is surely a point to visit the next time I go there..but of course with the children..

Good Night Dubai...zzzzzz

And to Ruwais..