Thursday, March 3, 2011

Writer's Laze..

Haven't posted anything in weeks.  Not that I am suffering from any writer's block; plain laziness has struck me! 

I have so many issues to express my views on but I keep considering what others might think, not that I care much but sometimes people tend to view you differently from what you write on as compared to knowing you on a personal level.  Thus, in view of that, I am keeping mum to certain issues that occur in my daily life although I am itching to write it out!  I do have to maintain whatever values or dignity I have left for I am a wife to a humble man, a mother to 3 annoying, mind-wrecking, beautiful/handsome, clever and lovable dumplings and also a teacher.  Most of the times, being discreet is a trait that would bring you less headaches but brings you more respect.  I say! here's a blog post that isn't as frivolous as I thought it would be, thinking that I wanted to pen a few words or so..So, I guess this is my definition of being LAZY!


The Tea Drinker said...

write away!

we promise we wouldn't bury u too deep. :D

Wan Sharif said...

I like this statement
"Most of the times, being discreet is a trait that would bring you less headaches but brings you more respect. I say!"
I was advised the other day by a friend of 30+ years..
"it is OK if you work less.. but it is not OK for you to talk so much.. they might not like what they hear.."
Now why did not someone tell me that 30+ years ago.. it would bring me less headaches..

Pst now I can have access to your blog.. after the computer have been cleared of long standing virus..

Aishah said...


A grand post. You have lent me your voice. We know each other from what we write, so what we write will definitely define us, though not necessarily accurate. Our second language is our body language and that is far and removed from our writings.

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

that is extremely consoling! ;)

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Ayoh Wang,
Yeah, I was ALWAYS told of this but didn't mind to take heed, me being stubborn me! Look at the depth of the hole that I dug myself into.

p/s have cleared them viruses. Oh yeah, Amat Apis will be arriving Kerteh on Thursday, so do give us a call when you are around.

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Kak Aishah,
True indeed on what you say that the body language is 'far and removed from our writings'. Words can often deceive people, but not the body language.
And thank you for your compliments.