Monday, March 21, 2011

Thank You MB!

I had to go in a Form 1 class today because the subject teacher was away on a course.  I was amazed to see the students engrossed doing something on their e-book which was given by the state to aid their teaching and learning process and look what I saw.

And keep on looking...

Whaddaya think?


The Tea Drinker said...

the ebook could've been better. i'd give them a kindle instead. cheaper and u cant do much with it.

i'd choose a better MB too but thats just me.

but as kids go... exploring and having fun with stuffs the way they're not supposed to is kinda healthy in a way.

n the experience of kena marah ngan cikgu rosfida sebab tak siap keje umah due to too much gaming is not a too bad experience to carry around.

Anonymous said...

I'm a govt servant still so I can't say much about issues that may lead to politics.;)

And about the experience with Cikgu Fida...ALL my students remember the sting of my cubitan yang peeeeeeeeeeeeenuh kasih sayang..