Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Giving Them the Benefit of the Doubt.

When you teach the last class..or to be precise, the weakest class which rooms handfuls of students who are not only weak.(obviously) but whom are also VERY rowdy, at times laziness would come knocking on your door.   It isn't easy teaching this group of students for it takes a lot of hard work. 

You must come extremely prepared mentally and physically, engaging them with activities that would fill up their time and that would arouse their interest.  You would also need to bring along an extra bag of patience to get you going when the students seem to ask all sorts of 'stupid' questions and being silly and idiotic at times.  Even at 17, they can act more childish than a 13 year old would and at times, they want all the attention being all "manja" and wanting all the praises that they could have.  It is definitely tiring..talking to them softly and gently, making sure that when you reprimand them, you go back to win their hearts giving them the reason for being scolded just before and not only that, imagine repeating a simple instruction many many times to have another asking you what you should do, hmmmpppphhh ... it isn't an easy job!!!!

Today was my lazy day, with the rain falling like a bursting dam it didn't help much to refrain myself from going into my 'sloth mode'.  I have much to do but just could not do it so I decided to bring them into the hall to watch a story-telling competition that would begin exactly at the same time their class with me would, .  But one question there was...Would they behave themselves???  If they didn't, I would be in deep trouble because it could distract the contestants' concentration, the judges would be disrupted too because hearing would be impaired and teachers would point their fingers at me which would dent my reputation (not that I have one).  

I decided to take that as a challenge and took the risk.  If anyone wants to be upset, so be it.  I would take in all the angry responses from them.  Not that I was that lazy today, but I wanted these 5 Baihaqi students to learn how to behave themselves accordingly and to just listen instead of being heard all the time.  I seated them in the hall and pleaded with all my might for them to save my face by being well behaved.  Other than that, I gave them all a task to jot down only 5 words that they don't understand from the story and who ever managed to impress me would be given RM3 (they wanted RM10 so it could buy whoever a pack of ciggies) 

And so the competition began..and were they noisy and did they drive me up the wall????  NO..not a bit!!!  Not a single teeny weeny bit. They were all manageable! :)  Well... yeah..some chatted all the way and giggled and fooled around but not to the extend that it would upset me.  I was so proud of them and it just deepens my love for these rowdy students!!!    They fooled around quietly and it were the Form 1 and 3 students who I had to quieten down.  I

It doesn't hurt to give someone a break once a while although they are infamous for certain things.  You never know how they could surprise you.!! I did just that today, giving these students the benefit of the doubt, and I have this new found respect towards the students.  Yeah, they might be good at being bad but they aren't bad at all in being good!  
Thank you 5 Al-Baihaqi for teaching me something new about you today.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

He is Going Again.

You would think that you'd get used to facing things that occur many many times in your life, but that isn't true.  Especially when the person who has touched your heart and warmed you with love is going to leave you yet again.  Tomorrow he leaves..and once more, I will shed my tears in the privacy of my walk-in-closet.

The stool I sit on during those crying moments.
I don't know why I like looking at this spot
 instead of the floor or ceiling.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things I Never Knew...!

Things I learnt from a course I attended yesterday.  It isn't about what I was trained on but rather on human behavior.  So, bear with me.
  1. When I am the JPN officer, I am allowed to have no consideration whatsoever for other people's time by arriving 1 and a half hour late.
  2. As a JPN officer, I don't have to care about punctuality and the teachers who had to start their journey from Besut as early as 5 a.m. just to be on time.
  3. As a JPN officer, I do not have to apologize to anybody for being tardy but come in with a face fit to be slapped with a 'selipar jepun', thinking that it would intimidate the teachers who are under my service.
  4. As a JPN officer, I could come to courses I organize to only show my face and then disappear for 3 hours and come back after that to tell the rest that I am heading     home and to not even thank the teachers for their presence.
  5. As a course participant, on the other hand, I can just yap yap yap all day long as loud as the explosion of Chernobyl and giggle annoyingly thinking that it is a-o-k.
  6. As a course participant, I can mock those who 'shhh' me for chatting loudly and my disrespectful behavior to the teacher doing the presentation who might have spent hours or maybe days to prepare the course material.
  7. As a course participant, I can just let my phone to ring and pick it up and strike a conversation while others are straining to listen to whatever is being said.
Fruitful course, eh?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Thank You MB!

I had to go in a Form 1 class today because the subject teacher was away on a course.  I was amazed to see the students engrossed doing something on their e-book which was given by the state to aid their teaching and learning process and look what I saw.

And keep on looking...

Whaddaya think?

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I have only two days left till the end of the school holidays..What a bummer!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Syukur Alhamdulillah.

I knew on Thursday while I was at the hospital with Khalida who had another one of her asthma episodes, but needed to see it in print before making an announcement.  No, I am not could I be??

My leave has been approved by the JPNT. Syukur Alhamdulillah.  

I came to school today and there it lay, neatly on my desk and as you can guess, I told EVERY single soul in that room!!! My husband has been smiling from ear to ear since I broke the news to him but the country shall mourn for me for I am a big contributor to the country's economy boost and with me gone to the Gulf, I shall no more be a major spender at Giant & Jaya Jusco!   Maybe someday I will recontribute in terms of money exchange, who knows?

..And God, give me strength and patience to trod on a new path beginning this May. Amin.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Writer's Laze..

Haven't posted anything in weeks.  Not that I am suffering from any writer's block; plain laziness has struck me! 

I have so many issues to express my views on but I keep considering what others might think, not that I care much but sometimes people tend to view you differently from what you write on as compared to knowing you on a personal level.  Thus, in view of that, I am keeping mum to certain issues that occur in my daily life although I am itching to write it out!  I do have to maintain whatever values or dignity I have left for I am a wife to a humble man, a mother to 3 annoying, mind-wrecking, beautiful/handsome, clever and lovable dumplings and also a teacher.  Most of the times, being discreet is a trait that would bring you less headaches but brings you more respect.  I say! here's a blog post that isn't as frivolous as I thought it would be, thinking that I wanted to pen a few words or so..So, I guess this is my definition of being LAZY!