Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Forgetting Childhood.

It will be 10 years exactly this June since I first started teaching and with all of the ups and downs that I have faced in educating teenagers between the ages of 13 to 17, I have to say that I regret only one thing which is forgetting how it is to become a child.

Just 4 hours ago, I had a long talk with Iman's principal regarding her performance so far and out of this talk, we also managed to discuss about Q's who she taught reading when he was 7.  I initiated this topic of my boy who seemed to have a fancy for telling fibs when asked about his homework and as a mother and him being my first born, I am crushed at the thought that he has done so quite often. I needed some advice and knowing that Mdm. Principal also has a son around Q's age and for the fact that she earns a living by being around children, I asked her whether or not her son bends the truth for any reasons and whether it was normal for them to behave that way. 

I was relieved when she told me that it is natural for this to occur especially after the many times we have reprimanded our child for the simplest of mistakes.  It is part of their survival skill in order to get Scot free from any punishment that they are bound to receive had they not completed their homework, for an example.  Like Q, her son does the same thing most of the time when questions concerning homework creep up.  The easiest thing for him to do in order to be able to play outside with friends or to be in front of the computer enjoying his favorite games is to just ... lie.  Sigh!

After listening to her point of view, I reflected on the times I would ask Q about homework.  I agree that my timing was always wrong.  I would often ask when he was in front of the computer or when he was reading his storybooks or even when it was nearly his playtime and at times he would be asked just when he had arrived home from school.   And when he does do his homework, it had to be finished before 5.30 or else he can't go out to play or even use the computer.  Yeah, for a boy of his age, playing is the most crucial thing in his life now.  I guess that is what he yearns for apart from pizza and toys.  And me as a mother, couldn't  have I asked at a more suitable time, for instance when he has already settled down and had had his meal?  Or even just check his bag in front of him and do the homework together rather than thinking that he would be independent enough!  And by the way, he still has between 8 pm to 9pm to finish what is left of his work before he calls it a day so,why rush him all this while?

Boys will be boys, no matter what age they are!  (True..true..his father who is already also a game fanatic!  He is not into handbags ..err..or gadgets or cars..but if you throw him into a pool of PSPs, or Gameboys or Xboxes, that is heaven to him!!!  Those  i-am-a-loony-for-games genes are inherited by Q!)  Back to the original topic, as a mother, I have to be more patient and understanding of him and rather than trying to dictate to him on this and that, I should be guiding him to a better course on the rough seas of life.   Other than that, let him enjoy his childhood while he can ... but of course, when his homework is done! ;)  


Wan Sharif said...

Well I have a daughter who always said she has finished her homework when asked only for us to know that she has not the next morning..
mm I wonder where she inherits that habit from..

i amsterdam said...

Sadly to say, my son does that too, sometimes outright too!! sighhh...

The Tea Drinker said...

i tell u... we can talk all day about kids. hehehe.

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Ayoh Wang..
Hmm..that is a question I leave for you to figure out..
But I am glad that I am not the only one facing this!

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

i amsterdam,
Not knowing that he lied is a torment itself, but knowing that he is lying is killing isn't it? Gosh, why they do this to us is still undiscovered!!!
However, my son is still my "life's little pleasure"

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Hmm..just an innocent question from me..have you got kids? Are married even.. Seriously..(confused)
Btw, take my boy just for a day...then let's see if you can still talk after that..oh no, NO NO NO.. take all my kids just for a day..they will leave you speechless..HAHAHA!