Friday, February 18, 2011

Finally..I sent them forms.

As the above title, I sent the forms to my Principal.  She was none too happy though.

Waktu memujuk
The lovely clerk who processed my forms to be approved
 first by her majesty the Principal.
The reason is not because I am such a darn good teacher (heheheh..being conceited here) but because I applied for the leave earlier than what I promised her which was in May as opposed to July. Now, she has one teacher down and with our school lacking in English teachers, I understood her reluctance at first to allow me to have that leave. However, she was understanding enough and signed them forms anyways. 

Scrutinizing my forms
Now I am waiting for the JPN to approve my leave..

And this is the reason why I finally sent them...

Master bathroom

The hallway leading to the rooms

Our living room

How could you not want to be there a.s.a.p when dearest Amat Apis spent most of his free time away from playing his PSP to monitor our house being carpeted. And that to me is a sacrifice enough..;)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Forgetting Childhood.

It will be 10 years exactly this June since I first started teaching and with all of the ups and downs that I have faced in educating teenagers between the ages of 13 to 17, I have to say that I regret only one thing which is forgetting how it is to become a child.

Just 4 hours ago, I had a long talk with Iman's principal regarding her performance so far and out of this talk, we also managed to discuss about Q's who she taught reading when he was 7.  I initiated this topic of my boy who seemed to have a fancy for telling fibs when asked about his homework and as a mother and him being my first born, I am crushed at the thought that he has done so quite often. I needed some advice and knowing that Mdm. Principal also has a son around Q's age and for the fact that she earns a living by being around children, I asked her whether or not her son bends the truth for any reasons and whether it was normal for them to behave that way. 

I was relieved when she told me that it is natural for this to occur especially after the many times we have reprimanded our child for the simplest of mistakes.  It is part of their survival skill in order to get Scot free from any punishment that they are bound to receive had they not completed their homework, for an example.  Like Q, her son does the same thing most of the time when questions concerning homework creep up.  The easiest thing for him to do in order to be able to play outside with friends or to be in front of the computer enjoying his favorite games is to just ... lie.  Sigh!

After listening to her point of view, I reflected on the times I would ask Q about homework.  I agree that my timing was always wrong.  I would often ask when he was in front of the computer or when he was reading his storybooks or even when it was nearly his playtime and at times he would be asked just when he had arrived home from school.   And when he does do his homework, it had to be finished before 5.30 or else he can't go out to play or even use the computer.  Yeah, for a boy of his age, playing is the most crucial thing in his life now.  I guess that is what he yearns for apart from pizza and toys.  And me as a mother, couldn't  have I asked at a more suitable time, for instance when he has already settled down and had had his meal?  Or even just check his bag in front of him and do the homework together rather than thinking that he would be independent enough!  And by the way, he still has between 8 pm to 9pm to finish what is left of his work before he calls it a day so,why rush him all this while?

Boys will be boys, no matter what age they are!  (True..true..his father who is already also a game fanatic!  He is not into handbags ..err..or gadgets or cars..but if you throw him into a pool of PSPs, or Gameboys or Xboxes, that is heaven to him!!!  Those  i-am-a-loony-for-games genes are inherited by Q!)  Back to the original topic, as a mother, I have to be more patient and understanding of him and rather than trying to dictate to him on this and that, I should be guiding him to a better course on the rough seas of life.   Other than that, let him enjoy his childhood while he can ... but of course, when his homework is done! ;)  

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Superstition vs Scientific Explanation.

My left eye has been twitching for more than two days and it comes and goes so it does not boggle me a lot only except when I am driving.  
Scientifically, eye twitching is usually a benign muscle twitch that occurs in the eyelids. If you’re experiencing this type of eyelid twitch it can be difficult to determine the cause and proper course of treatment and to find a solution for twitching eyes, we needed to determine the underlying cause of this annoying problem. Called myokymia in doctor lingo, these rippling muscle contractions in an eyelid can be triggered by:
  • Stress
  • Tiredness
  • Eyestrain
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Dry eyes
  • Nutritional imbalances
  • Allergies
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Computer Screen

Read more:

However, based on word of mouths...(eerie music coming in tune) an eye twitch, ladies and gentlemen, especially when it happens on the left eye is an omen....., so beware dear me for there is evil or sadness or even a bad sign lurking right before your twitching eye..Thus, THOU SHALL SEEK REFUGE IN HIM AND THOU SHALL REMAIN PARANOID UNTIL THY EYE COMES TO A REST....Hah hah hah hah hah..(me doing  a Vincent Price laugh)

Hmm..duuuh...really???  So, should I be SUPER scared or just let the twitching go on its own..Considering the fact that I have spent countless hours on the Net and also losing sleep cutting out yellow, green and light green circles for my class decor, I think I will choose the latter!  It's more calming than the former...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Step, Two More To Go.

After procrastinating for so long, I finally went up to the office and asked for my no pay leave form.  There it is, waiting to be utilized.

I took it and stashed it in my folder along with the Form 5 job application exercise that I need to go through.  It has been 5 days now and it is still there untouched, and yes, the formal letters too..bad bad me!  I don't know what is going through my mind at this instant.  I should be excited, jumping up with joy, impatient to fill that form up, in fact, it should have been done weeks ago or even done there on the spot in the office when I took it.  Ironically, that is not what I feel or did.  Something is stalling me and I don't know what.

Well, " A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step".  I did the first one, now all I have to do is write my name and particulars and send it to the office where it should be.  


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Visit to Life.

A week ago, my student's father came to school and wanted his daughter to go on a study break.  When asked why, his answer was simple: He did not have enough money!  

Four days later, the school counselor, our driver and I had set off on a journey to Payoh to see the condition of this student's life.  Compared to the others' house that I have been to in my 10 years of teaching, I would say that hands down, Mek's  (not her real name) house is extremely comfortable, quite big and had the basic necessities like electricity and water but this was the only house that I had been to which did not have a television set and furniture in the living room.  All there was in that house was a wheelchair used by Mek's father when he was ill a few years before, a small table and atop was an olden radio.  That was the only entertainment available besides them having each other.  They live on welfare getting as little as RM 300 a month, lucky for them the house was built by friends who had helped to donate the materials.  Food is scarce, with that much money, what possibly could they buy, so a typical meal would be dried fish and rice.

As  I got home and went in my room, looked around,  looked at my children's room and the things they have, the toys and the RM 250 pair of jeans hanging, and the custom made dresses Khalida gets from her designer uncle and Iman's Body Shop perfume and lotion, and the food they have..the abundance of food we have in the larder and in the refrigerator.  Here, in my walk-in-closet, I have leather bags from Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Coach and saving up for a Chanel AND not enough with that I am on a mission to persuade my husband to buy me another from Gucci. 

Boy, we are very lucky,  very lucky but it is nothing to be proud of because I have forgotten my roots and where I came from, forgotten the times when Daddy did not have enough money to buy us this and that, forgotten the days during college where I had to borrow RM 50 from my best friend to last me another week and  above all I have forgotten humility when bringing up my children!  Yes, some may say that it is my right as I worked hard for this life that I have, that it is my rezeki to have a husband who could provide for me..but has it ever occurred in mind that it might have be given by God so I can give it back out?  Who needs 20 handbags when 2 is sufficient?  Why buy bags that cost RM 3000 when you could get one for RM 300 or RM30 that serves the same purpose?  Why in the name of heavens does a 6 year old child need to wear perfume and lotion from The Body Shop when the ones in Giant are just as good and sweet smelling?  Why do we need to keep munching on more food when we have already had our dinner?  

The lesson I learnt is to be thankful for what I have even though it is not as much as I would like to have. Secondly, don't forget to help those who are in need so, have you paid your zakat pendapatan?