Saturday, January 8, 2011

Life Isn't All Beer and Skittles 2

You can only have empathy for someone that is as close as you can get to really understanding or feeling other people's pain, sorrow, misfortune or hardships in life. Being empathetic is nothing more, but mere imagination of how a person feels, but it is never the real thing!

Is it possible for anyone to really put themselves in other people's shoes when they have never faced the predicament or woes of others? Then, if they have never, how could they assuredly say:"I know how you feel."? And even if some may have had, felt the same circumstances, it may not be exactly the same because different people have different threshold limits where some can deal with all the pain there is while some can't even bear a mosquito bite. So, what should we do when someone pours out their anguish to us, even if they only wanted us to lend an ear. Do we say:"Yes, I understand how you feel" or do we just keep mum? Then again, keeping quiet could mean that we just don't care however, saying something could also be the wrong thing!

Why is life sometimes so difficult, so complex? If only someone brilliant could come up with "Life 101," that could make it easier...


The Tea Drinker said...

'Yes, i understand how you feel'. totally.


on a more serious side.. that's one of the statement made popular by television used worldwide and by me when i forget what words really mean.

oldschool empathy is by displayed by the face mimicking the face of the other person. she feels bad, we feel bad n thus our face looks totally sour.

anyway... your a woman, u gals know how it feels to have someone there just to listen. that's probably all that a person needs.

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

I oftenly use, "it's okay..this is jut a test from God..He loves you very much" Sometimes tak releven pun!
But heck, it is better than saying something that would be useless.

Yeah, when I hit rock bottom, I like people to listen but to also say their opinions out loud. Adalah communication situ, not to just sit there like a bonsai tree.