Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Learning From the Younger Generation.

One of my greatest flaws as an educator is my inability to bond with my students especially when I am the homeroom teacher.  Theoretically, the homeroom teacher is supposed to be the closest to her class members for she is the one responsible to identify academic and personal issues which impede the growth and development of each students and to also  interact with them informally to at least be aware of what happens to them after school hours.  I guess, it is true when some of the students complaint that I am too strict and unapproachable for their liking hence my inability in building rapport with the students individually.

I don't know why but I just do not like getting to know them closer or on a more personal note.  It is wrong..truly wrong for me as a class teacher to react this way.  However, now in my 10th year of service and the 6th time as a class teacher, I have decided to make several changes to myself and I owe it all to a colleague who is not only younger by 7 years but possesses the commitment and dedication of 10 super teachers.  What opened my eyes were the fact that her students of 5P ( the less abled students who are the most notorious of their lot) adores her to bits.  It was shown during a performance that they had dedicated to her last year, and these roguish macho mean looking things had humbled themselves in front of the whole school and sought forgiveness from her.  That was a first in my 9 years of teaching, to have viewed one teacher being given such great honor!  And what made it more amazing was that the students in the top class, who you would expect to do that hadn't even done so!

All it took was love..sincere love from a parent to a child. Secondly, never give up on them because they have had their parents giving up.  Thirdly, patience, endless amount of patience will lead you to their hearts.  Thus, taking her words as a guidance for my 4 Al- Baihaqi, (somewhat similar to 5P, but with some of them who have learning disabilities and such) I hope to be able to grasp their attention and love for me.  I don't care much if they do not pass my subject because my primary objective and priority is to make them pass the lessons in life which is to respect their parents, teachers, peers and above all to respect themselves to begin with.  So, my first step is to call myself "Mum" because at school, I am their "Mum" and they are my munchkins but taller than me lah..

I have six students calling me "Mum" now..another 30 more to go ..God, please give your blessing on this work I do!  Amin..ya rabbal alamin.

p/s To you dear sister, thank you for sharing your tips. You may be younger but you sure are much wiser than me!   May Allah bless you...


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