Saturday, December 25, 2010

So what, it is just an A.

The PMR results came out last two days and people were over the moon with the fact that we managed to double the total of students who got As for English.  From a number of 16 students last year, this year we managed to get a whooping 32 As for this subject.

What saddens me though is the fact that along the while that I was looking at the list of names of the A students, counting how many of them came from my class, I had forgotten about those who managed to improve themselves although they did not get an A.  I guess I was lost in the moment but a mistake like that that could have killed so many spirits.  It murdered me years ago when I showed my assignment to a lecturer who was as strict as strict could be, that I got a C from the normal D. I was happpyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, you know.  And what did she say? Okay, but it's not an A.  It crushed me and I hate her till now. I know I was never the brightest in my batch, but hey..I got a C okay!!!

Going back to the original motion, why do we always see the As and rarely the B,C or D students?  As long as they have upgraded themselves, I think that calls for a celebration too.  These students should also be brought to the nearest fastfood restaurant and get treated for improving themselves not only the As.  Who am I to say..I am just a mediocre teacher.


Al-Manar said...

I have not passed this way for ages. Then the sight of your comment on my posting made me realise that. So here I am again. From your recent postings I notice that you have turned yourself a chef as well, dishing out recipe. I must admit that is not my interest, eating yes.

It pleases me to see you around my site, that you may share what some of my visitors have to say. As you can see they are from varied backgrounds.

I subscribe to your philosophy that A is not everything. You went through that and I went through similar experience. Unfortunately, the whole system today seems to emphasise on all A’s. Around my home schools concentrate on the number of A’s, practically neglecting the poorer ones. I blame the education chief, the principals and headmasters alike. But who am I, just a volunteer to give help to those who want it. There is no flower for those who improve, flowers only for those who score all A’s.

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Dear En Al MAnar,
At times we are forgotten and at times we are once remembered again, that is the sailing in life. People often come but they rarely stay..another fact of life. And me, I just accept what is there. So, with that..welcome once again to my humble abode.

I am glad that a man of your stature feels the same way as I , a teacher who is still green in this field. I feel that I should keep some comments reserved but I would be hypocritical to myself. What I say is with utmost sincerity, so yes, I too agree with you that our education system is utterly screwed up!!
I think everywhere in this country, everyone is obsessed with how many As one got for a certain examination which is totally unfair for those who did not have the rezeki to string a handful of it even though they worked hard. Besides, some excellent students can't even perform well when it comes to practicing what they have learnt. If only the rest of the ministers stand by our faith in education, I guarantee, our students would excel more than just having paper