Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Over the mooooooooooooooon.

As I opened my FB account today, I was in for a big surprise.  I was ACCEPTED ...see that..ACCEPTED..to be acquainted to one of the most popular man in Malaysia who is Raja Petra Kamarudin.  Who could have thought this little schmuck of little values to be in his friends list.  It was a gamble worth taking I must say! 

I am neither a politician nor do I write on politics but I do enjoy reading his pieces no matter how conversational they seem.  Thus for him to accept me was an honour in its own rite.    So, I started being all high and mighty to my beloved Amat Apis saying that I am AN acquaintance of the man responsible for many political controversies, but my pride was pulled further down into the deepest abyss when my beloved had to open RPK's FB page and showed me that I was neigh the only one given exclusive rights to his friendship for he had accepted several others alongside myself..har har har.  What lah you Babes...such a K.I.L.L.J.O.Y!  (slashed on the throat)

And to thank him (RPK), all I said was " Thank you. Highly appreciated!"  Pfftt...what the toodeledoo???  A simple 'Thank you. Highly appreciated' is NOT the way to thank a man of that prestigious when all the others had referred to him as Sir! I told you so, I am a schmuck with a capital S!!!

However, I am still gloating and acting all aristocratic at the moment for my dearest spouse who is also a great fan did not manage to erect a single ounce of courage to eeeeeven click on that single button that wrote "+1 Add as friend". I pity you dearest other half, unfortunately today, I am just a notch higher than thee.... 

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