Friday, December 3, 2010

Moving on.

He finally got the keys last four days and this happy news was relayed to me when I was at my Mam's home.  I should be enthralled, I am, I think.

No, if you were wondering by any chance, I am not having second thoughts for I have surpassed that phase.  I am very sure and definite that I would be joining him there as I do think my place is to support him despite whatever reservations I have.  I truly believe that a wife should be by her husband by all means and for that reason I have confronted all the demons inside of me that have been constantly nagging me to stay put here where I feel at home.

Having said that, I can feel a void in my heart already at the thought of leaving this place, this Kerteh where I grew up into an adult, where I learned how to live life, where I learned about keeping a marriage together, where I became a mother, here I found some more true friends who were never afraid to tell me off when I steered from the right path.  This is the place that turned me into an adult from that over sensitive, hot tempered lady who was in denial thinking that she is still that 17 year old college girl.  Here is where i truly grew up and here is where I built my home and my family.  So, how could you leave that all behind in pursuit of financial independence in a foreign land?

I may not be able to speak the Terengganu dialect without my students laughing boisterously saying that I sound like a lost Siamese descendant, but my heart will always be with Terengganu.  Funny eh, for a KL girl to love this place so much although I hate the drivers here.  Life has to go on. It was written by God that my fate is as such.  Although I shall be leaving in 7 months more if God willing, however, I am all teary eyed just thinking about my impending departure.

God, render me a part of your strength to take the first step into this new journey that you have planned for me.

Kemasek Beach.  Isn't this view breathtaking?


Fely said...

Don't worry Scarlet. It will all be fine. I had the same doubts before I moved to the UK (permanently, mind you) and leave everything behind. As it turns out, all is ok. Yours will be too, you'll see. Hugs!

Fely XXX

Anonymous said...

its gonna b ok.. its not that bad living in a foreign land.. Enche Amat Apis surely lucky to hv u as a wife coz u willing to sacrifice all this juz 2 b by his side :-)

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Fely, I can't imagine how you were able to muster up all the courage to leave your family, friends and homeland. Leaving is easy...the toughest part is when you have left and having to cope with the yearning for that touch of comfort from parents,friends. Starting over again is difficult too as I see it. But you managed and very well indeed. Hope that I too will be as strong as you. Enjoy the snow..the real one..we only get foam here!
Love, Scarlet.

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Che Sue, thank you for the kind words. I hope my Amat Apis reads your comment and know that yeah..he is sure hell lucky to have me who is willing to sacrifice for him...Wajib Gucci sebutir tuh!
I have never been to Algeria so expect me there Babes..heheh.

Wan Sharif said...

Should you need to be anywhere.. go for it ..bertawakkal lah..
Opps did you say Algeria.. on parle Francais la bas.. take care..

The Tea Drinker said...

am sure ur going to be busy adapting and meeting new people n stuff to be too sad. :D

it's gonna be fine n fun, insha Allah.

p/s: i was born/raised/learned to drive in terengganu n i pun naik the windy kalo drive kat sini.

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Ayoh Wang,
Tawakkal indeed! What else can I do..

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Hahahaha...i knew you were bound to say something about that little comment I made....The feeling is mutual!

p/s My driving license I got in Terengganu so as my driving skills! ;)