Sunday, December 26, 2010

First time for everything...Bunnywabbits!

I won't say the usual much or the overloads this time trying my level best to keep it short and sweet..hey, what a MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! 

It was amusing to see how my husband was attentively listening to my recipe of the "Masak Lomak Cili Api Wan Gadong" and religiously typing it on his pc while we were skyping just now.  In normal times, he would not give two hoots about how a certain meal is made, and now, living abroad on his own sans me his personal chef and without any form of transportation to wheel him here and there in a quest for food, he has now fallen into the grasp of this addictive culinary world.  

Just last week, it was tips on how to blend dried chillies into a paste, the next day it was the simple sambal ayam and today it's masak lemak cili api, what shall come henceforth?  Welcome Babes ...into my world!

HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.....plop! (Me laughing my head of...survival you say eh??? I'll teach you a lesson when I get cook fish for like???)


yana said...

=)) I bila dh dok Sudan,mula2 rasa trpaksa masak..lps tu jd gian pulak.. Cooking is fun..but,more fun if u can get somebody else to do the preparation and cleaning :P

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Yana..I was always into cooking. Always loved it!!! Indeed, it is more a pleasure when you get someone to do the dirty dishes..if only I could afford to buy a robot for that!

Ahmad Hafiz said...

ahhaha.. tu kata.. this is all about "survival". tak masak, lapar. lapar boleh mati woo.. hahha..

dont worry yang. i'll try that first.. once i got the hang of it, i'll git another recipe from you

love u yang...

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Ahmad Hafiz,
thanks for dropping by.