Friday, December 31, 2010


I deleted some people from my FB account this morning and I sure do hope they don't get offended by it.  

I first started using FB when my bestfriend introduced it to me as the easiest way to get reconnected with our close friends from either college or school. True enough as I managed to find long lost friends from even during my primary years.  It was such an excitement and also became an instant addiction with me checking up on the details of my friends' everyday life and to top it off I nearly had 200 friends on my list and boy did it look good on the profile. 

However, now being in my third year,  I am down to only 80 friends!  The rest were deleted mainly because I feel there is no use in having all these friends if only a handful actually care to what I do or say.  And if they feel that I am of no relevance to them, what is the point of being in my friend's list. Now, now..don't think I am sulking or being a baby on this subject.  I don't expect them to retort to my status updates every single day because that would be like stalking me but once a while, do drop by to say "Hi.' or just simply click on the 'like' button anywhere you may please just as a sign that you have been around.  FB serves as a tool for communication and rekindling what was lost or disconnected, but when there is none of it, why should I have you there and just bring me to think of bad things??  So, you were deleted.  Not out of ill feelings though...just because I see that we are of no relevance! 

Then I have students and relatives and also in laws.  You know my number, you see me every day, sometimes you say hello, sometimes you don't, so do I need you in my FB? And by the ways, I don't think it is that good for these people to see the real me.  Yeah, at times we have had our heart broken and hurt by others, and during those times we seem to blurt it on FB in our own way.  And sometimes there is drama in our status which pisses just about anyone and there are even moments where you express your exhilaration for gaining something be it in the form of material or not and it may seem to others as being a show off.  So, I don't want these people to see the real me or to misunderstand me.. especially my students, where my rezeki comes from.  I really do need that private place where I can take my teacher, in law, cousin or granddaughter(not that my only grandma has an account) uniform off, where only certain people are able to appreciate me for being me and from the bottom of my heart, please don't be offended.  But then again, maybe I will open a new account solely for these people...

With the New Year already here, I have also spring cleaned my FB account.  It is now exclusively for FRIENDS.


Wan Sharif said...

Ah luckily I have not been there.. so no chance of you to delete.. ha..ha.
Happy new year ..
May we get closer to Allah's pleasure.. Sokmo

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Ayoh Wang,
I bet you won't get deleted. BAsed on your comments, we are always in communication...

qahina said...

Well, we can always choose to be however we like without having to pls anyone. FB or any other means of social networking is just a means of communication.. and if we only communicate via a channel why not leave it be, right? So here's to a great new year ahead for you and family. Cheers!

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Hi Qahina!
Well, yeah that is true, it is hard to please everyone so might as well just be yourself.
For me FB does not serve as a store room for friends. I take it seriously because these are the people who I would like to keep the friendship alive with, for as long as I could.
Tepuk dada tanya selera..
Cheers to you to.