Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Does brand really matter?

I consider myself as a customer that any counter would want.  In simpler words, in the world of cosmetics, facial products or hair essentials, I am to die for.  The reason is simple, I am just a sucker for anything that claims to make my face or hair look good!

After I noticed that the SKII range has not been working well on my skin after being loyal to it for 4 years and a half and its miracle no longer working its magic on my dull skin, I decided to go for another brand in hope to invigorate and restore what is left of this lifeless skin.  The first thing that came across my mind was to try out the Kiehl's brand but it being available only in KL, I decided to let that thought go.  With dearest hubby far far away, I was desperate for something that I could get a hold on to should the product finish in the middle of the week.  I, for sure am not going to make a day trip to KL on my own, so the best thing that popped into my mind was either facial products from The Body Shop or The Face Shop easily ready at Mesra Mall Kerteh. The decision was made on the former only because it has been longer in the market as compared to the latter.

Truth to be told, the thought of The Body The Body Shop as opposed to SKII..brr..was such an unnerving thought!  But hey, everything deserves the benefit of doubt and that led me to step my foot in the store.  The girl who attended to me knew my skin's every need and every problem, which became an instant attention grabber.  As she was also being extra sweet with manuka honey and rice crispies and cherries..loads of cherries on top, I succumbed to her suggestions. what if it is The Body Shop! If its products weren't good in quality, I betcha it would not have survived this long..and by the ways Fida, do not forget your were once a user of its make-up range waaaaaaaaay back then in Edinburgh, remember!  And so, I gladly handed in my plastic cash being confident in this new range of skincare, mind is of Japanese technology.. that is reputed to have remarkably satisfying results.  

Yeah, right..!  Now, after using it for 4 months, this is the result of my face!!!!

Can you see that big bologna of a pimple????? And this did not only happen recently but immediately after I started using the range.  I did come back to complaint but another of the advisor claimed that I may have applied too much causing an outbreak on my skin which at that time sounded logical enough.  Does my skin look any better...NOPE!  The reason to it is ....the sales advisor gave me the wrong ..yup...W.R.O.N.G selection of skincare for my combination skin!  Can you just believe that???  And who did this come from?  Another one of the shop product assistants.  Now, who is going to use up a whole new bottle of toner, 2 tubs of moisturizer only made suitable for people who have dry skin??? Who? 

So, does brand really matter?  I still have faith in The Body Shop product as I loooooooooooooove  its perfume range, but I haven't got anymore faith in the sales assistants/beauty advisor.  Sincerely, brand does not really make such an impact because it really depends on your face and how well it tolerates to certain ingredients in the product.  However, you really do need to get the correct ones in order for your face to become rejuvenated! 

The lesson that I have learnt is, aahhh...what lesson?  I am going back there tomorrow to get the Essence I toner that I should have been using instead of the Essence II that was suggested to me!  If everything goes well, expect a beauty post on it in the near future!


Wan Sharif said...

Ha ha..
My other half just tried SK11 .. muka jadi kering hitam semacam.. went back to them.. they say salah pakai.. salah cara.. so they coached her the right way.. slight improvement but kehitaman jeragat yang sebelum ini tak ada masih belum hilang..
Entahlah belalang..

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

When I first started using SKII Ayoh Wang, my complexion had improved. Friends noticed that there was a glow to my face and I remained faithful until recently it became resistant to the texture of my skin.
Ituler, going for brand names does not really guarantee satisfying outcomes eh..hope ur wife's skin goes back to normal.