Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boy oh boy..

Qayyum has always been a clingy one following me here and there and everywhere.  Back in yesteryears, before he was absorbed into the world of Dawn of Wars, he would call me every single minute should I not be at home just to check up on me.  And today, while I was in my bathroom washing one of my underthings, there he was again, looking at what I was doing in amusement.  But, the most amusing thing came from him!  Read this conversation, if you may.

Q:  Mum, why do you have to wear that?
M:  Just like why you have to wear your underpants.  
     To keep that certain thing in place. 
Q:  Oh.  How come at the shop you always ask for your size. 
      Is other people's different?
M:  Yes.  It depends on the size of one's boobies. 
      If you have a small one, then you buy a small one vice versa.
Q:  Oh..(unamused)
...30 seconds of silence..
Q:  Mum..mum..(now with a VERY cheeky look) 
M:  Yes..yes..
Q:  Can you choose your size?
M:  What do you mean?
Q:  Your booby? Can you choose your size?
M:  HAHAHAHAH...no, dear..hmm...yes, dear..you can.  
      First you are born with the size God gives you, but some people are not       satisfied.
      So they choose another size either bigger or smaller.
      But as Muslims, plastic surgery is HARAM! 
      (stresses on the HARAM bit)
Q:  How do they change it?
M:  Well, they go for operation.
     The doctor will put in a small balloon in their body. 
     Then, it will become bigger.
Q:  A baloooooonnn????  Hebaknye..
M:  Why do you say that? (Me not feeling good about this conversation)
Q:  Well, then they can float in the water right. 
      Then, they do'nt need a pelampung like Iman or Khalida when they 
And off he went away while me staring at my underthing dumbfounded!!!
M:  Don't forget Q, HARAM tau orang Islam buat plastic surgery...nanti masuk blazing fire!!!!


Mrs Graig_Kenny said...

lol..funny reading the pelampung part..it's fun to have a conversation with ur kids, isn't it? Me? Still waiting the time for my daughter to speak up..she's only 2 yrs..but i know my time will come soon ^_^

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Oh yes, Mrs.Graig. THese kids can say the darnest things and in public too sometimes. Kids will always be kids eh..
You wait your turn when your little pwinches starts talking..she may just drive you bonkers!!! Speaking from personal experience. ;)
Thanks from dropping by a second time!

Wan Sharif said...

You would have noticed that I did not comment on you entries for quite some time.. still could not open your blog at office.. too many relatives at my place for me to blog or go blog hopping..

Mm.. so Qayyum think that those who went for that operation will not need a pelampung to stay afloat.. may be his mother did not tell him the exact truth.. ha ha..

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Ayoh Wang, that boy...heeeyyy, his remarks are so unpredictable!!!
Glad you are now able to view my blog from where ever you are!