Saturday, December 25, 2010

Am I that dumb??

I have to submit two forms tomorrow in which both requires some calculating from me.  Mathematics was never a subject I excelled in, favoring sleep or listening to my walkman during classes back then.  Despite that, a simple work of adding up 342 different numbers should not be that hard, right???   All that I am doing is a frequency analysis and not like  calculus, algebra, whatever that is.  

Addition should be easy peasy.  I mean in the line of English, 1+1 always adds up to 2, as compared to science when 1+1 could be either 3, 4, 5 or even 10. (Well, if you are thinking WTF, think twins, triplets and so on..I am good at making babies too, so my knowledge of science is as far as that goes).

So then, can anyone please tell me why is it frigging difficult to add up the numbers so that it tallies with the 342 number of scripts I have..this is just a frequency thingy dammitttttt!!!!!!!  Or..could it be that my calculator has gone busted???? 

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