Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Better off without you as a friend!

To whom it may concern,
First and foremost I would like to dedicate this post just for you and no one else and therefore, if you have large balls which I presume should be as large as your mouth, if not larger, then please reply to this humble post that I am typing affectionately for you and you alone.

Secondly, I would like to pose one sincere question.  Just who the hell do you think you are to call little children monkeys and chimpanzees and to say that they seem to be reared in the zoo and that their parents are negligent people?  If those kids look more or less like you physically, then most probably, you are the monkey and chimpanzee too because it takes one to know one! 

Thirdly, if you ever cared to upgrade your psychology knowledge, then you should damn well know that those chimpanzee like children who hailed from the zoo who seemed to piss you off when you were having a meal at McDonald's actually have the traits of being brilliant children..I guess more brilliant than you who I assume should have a doctorate in the art of "Bitchery.", something you do just as good as Joan Rivers.

Fourthly, be pissed off at the parents rather than the children.  Yes, children sometimes tend to be extremely annoying..believe me I should know for I live with 3 EVERY DAY but to vent your anger on your FB account towards them and name calling them viciously is just unacceptable!!!  They are only children, so what do they know??  As children, one of their interests is to play anywhere and at any time! Just for your information!  So, tell their parents off, tell the parents to control their children if it really upsets you but please NEVER call children who are rowdy, monkeys or chimpanzees because I pray for the day when your wife gives birth to a monkey, then on that day, you would really regret uttering those hurtful words!

Fifth, if you direly crave for some peaceful ambience while eating out, then why not use the money you acquire from your business to spend it at some posh place rather than going to McDonald's which is commonly known as a family eatery targeted especially for children and youngsters.  Well..I guess many people should know of this is general knowledge, you know! didn't stupid of you who seem to know everything!  Oh yeah, one note not go to the Japanese Restaurant at Nikko Hotel because they also cater for families with children who are hmmm...let me put this in your words..monkeys and chimpanzees like!  Well most probably, they are catered for because they can afford to pay a hefty price for a simple meal of rolled rice with fish roe that is given the name 'sushi' or deep fried fish fillet or vegetable named 'tempura'.  Oh yes, if you were wondering, it comes from personal is beautiful when you can afford to pay RM 750 for a meal your whole family can enjoy while the children are given the freedom to act like 'monkeys or chimpanzees' as you would say it!  I pity you because you can only afford McDonald's while you seem to flaunt having a lavish lifestyle unlike me, a government school teacher earning less than RM 2000 after paying of her debts, who had to save every penny just for a little bit of luxury!

Lastly, I do not lose anything when you deleted me from your friend list.  I am only feeling bitter because I LOATHE people the likes of you who have a vile mouth but cannot accept criticism for your wrongdoings!!!  I LOATHE people who like to bitch about every other thing in the world but becomes hostile when are bitched about!!  I know you just could not accept my statement condemning you for your arrogance.     So..hunny, GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH!!!!

Love deeply,
The girl you taught to speak Malay


Mrs Graig_Kenny said...

Hi mommy :)

first time here.. ;p
i know that feeling of yours when throwing out those myself also having some sort of unsatisfied feeling towards some people who posted a shout out in their FB like nobody's reading..hairan..mcm nda pandai fikirkan..neway, mommy..breath in breath out okey ;p

Ahmad Hafiz said...

Pergh.. dahsyat jugak article hari ni yang.. :) But have to agree with you on McDonald strategy and target group.. the kids! Have seen it all over the world, be it Tokyo, Orlando, Maui or Cardiff, the kids jumped and laughed out loud inside any McD! And somebody dares to call them names??? If the business owner says nothing, who the heck is that person?????

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Dear Mrs. Greg Kenny,
It is a pleasure to have you here. I hope you enjoy reading my posts although some say it is not worth the attention.
Back to your comment. Yes, some people can be quite insensitive posting things on their FB status..really insensitive. When it concerns only themself, normally I would play along because it's their feelings but when it comes to saying ugly things about innocent people, that is where I draw the line. Well, good thing I won't be reading any more status updates from this man.
Do drop by again. Thanks for the visit.

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Fancy having you here. Thought you were looking at the forex page! Well, anyways..yes, if the owner doesn't say aything, then why make a fuss. But I am not saying that I condone such behavior from children, as long as it is within limits which then again is quite subjective. As long as the children don't come stealing food or come jumping on my table, then they are free to be children. Before I end, a thought to ponder. Who is he to call innocent children 'monkeys' or 'chimpanzees'? Was he that perfect as a child?

Wan Sharif said...

Way to go maam.. I am with you all the way..
Could not access your blog.. only your blog at my workplace.. I wonder why..

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

SAlam. Ayoh Wang,
Thank you for your support.
Secondly, since I've changed the address, a lot of people have been saying that they were unable to reach my change it back to might not even change the problem kan..tak apalah...maybe you just hv to spend your rest time at work accessing my blog...hehehe..