Sunday, November 21, 2010

Being my rock?

Have you ever wondered how the saying 'being my rock' was derived?  There must surely be some logical reason to why a rock is used, if not a story behind it that pretty much makes sense.  Figuratively, when you say that someone is your rock, it bears the same meaning as that someone being your pillar of strength, right? But why use a rock as a metaphor for  someone who becomes the reason for your strength and/or sanity?  Couldn't there be any other objects that could best replace ‘rock’?

Take this into account.  I have just watched a movie where this crazy old lady used a huge rock tied to her victim's feet to drown the victim that was the cause for her distress.  When she pushed her off a boat, it was the rock that helped to sink the  helpless lady down to bottom of a lake within the speed of light. Isn't that just ironic when something used as a sign of support is also used as the perfect murder weapon? So are you sure that you want to refer to that certain someone as ‘being your rock’?    

Hell no..! He could just be that piece of object to help take my life away. Apart from that,  if I were to translate rock into bahasa, it would be 'batu' which would lead to a different connotation like what lies in the middle of a man's two know, those hanging fruit of the loom?? ;)  

So while I was thinking of what other phrases that could be used alternately with the phrase ‘my pillar of strength’, since I was comfortably lying down on my huge king sized mattress,  it then dawned on to me as this mattress literally supports me from behind, especially on those cold rainy nights and on days when I cry myself to sleep, why not use ‘mattress’ instead of ‘rock’?  

Hence, after weighing down the odds, I shall use the phrase 'being my tilam (mattress) vono' as opposed to 'being my rock'!   It sure is a better choice because literally, this mattress of mine does do justice when it comes to giving me that much needed support.  And the better deal is, it is  accredited by chiropractors too!   Therefore, rather than using a tool for death or that pleasure giving ehem ehem, I shall now use this new term extensively... and to top it all, I do owe my good night's sleep to it!      

Ahmad Hafiz, on a serious note...thanks for always being my tilam vono and my rock too!  (You get it? You get it?)

This is my plain ramblings for today.


The Tea Drinker said...

so for someone that helps u build strength...

be my dumbbell?

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

You never fail to impress me with your wit, Mr Tea.

Ahmad Hafiz said...

erk.. hehehehe... hmmm... malu i yang. Love u to bits.. am still trying to look for a suitable phrase to describe u, since u have mention the rock thing.. hahahahhaha

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Babes, u being malu???? HAHAHAHA.
Love u too... infinity square! Keep on thinking of a suitable phrase for me, tilam vono!