Thursday, October 21, 2010

Would I want to trade Mommyhood..? Never!

I am feeling extremely tired, tired to my bones!  It has been a hectic week for me and resting was never an option that I could take; infact it was purely non-existent for me.  

It all started last Thursday when I received news from my aunt that my grandmother has been admitted to the hospital and that cancer was in the picture and that her condition at that moment was critical.  My mother being a permanent resident at Kg. Baru Kerteh now was looking rather unnerved that I decided to bring her back to Selayang so she could visit her mother before it was too late.  As everything was okay, on that Saturday afternoon, my daughter Iman was having a fever and the temperature of 39.5 degrees made me take the decision to postpone our trip back home for fear that something worst could happen along the way.  Imagine her having fits in between palm plantations made me ignore the fact that I had no more leaves to take, I couldn't care less about it as my daughter's safety surpassed everything else!  

Even after being put on antibiotics and a high dose of paracetamol, Iman's fever remained high.  I brought her to the hospital and she was given suppository to reduce the temperature but it was one bloody hard-headed fever as it would not go down even after an hour of administering it.  We were sent home despite it all, but was told to come back after two more days for a blood test in case it was dengue fever.  I couldn't sleep the entire night sponging her body so it would not get any warmer. 

Fever is still in between the 39 degrees range but not reaching 40 degrees yet.  I hope it does not.  I haven't slept well and haven't eaten well too but funny that I haven't lost weight too! Need to seek advice from Posh Spice on her diet regime of eating nothing.  

Her blood sample was taken at HKL in the morning and guess what.. no dengue fever.  Alhamdulillah!  But her fever was still on the high side. The doctor adviced me to admit her but I refused thinking of the restrictions I would have to face so I decided to stay put in Selayang until it was okay to travel. Her fever has started to go down.  It has gone into the 37 degrees range. Alhamdulillah.  Prayers from friends have been answered by Allah.

Now that her fever is down now to a more tolerable 37.3 degrees,  we packed our bags to head home for Kerteh but I wanted to visit my grandmother first before leaving.  So off to the hospital and I came back to fetch the other two kids, and when I reached my mams home, my boy complained of  feeling tired and he was shivering all over.  To add salt to wound, he was also having a fever with a temperature of 40.1 degrees celcius. Oh no...not another child down!  I brought him to Hospital Selayang thinking that as a child, we would get priority, it turned out to be only wishful thinking!  The doctor attended to him only 3 hours later, sending us home with loads more medicine that I can open up my own pharmacy!  So tonite, gotta be a nurse to both my children.  Another sleepless night but I don't care.  Their health is in my best interest.

Getting worried again because Iman is still having her fever which fluctuates from 39 to 37 to 38 back to 37 degrees.

Admitted to the hospital for observation!  Doctor wants to investigate which bloody virus is attacking my child.  Hope the Doctor beats the crap out of this stubborn virus!!  Thank goodness that my boy is stabilizing.  
Exhausted..after blood being drawn again..feverish still.

FRIDAY nothing better to do so I decided to blog.  It is 2.38 am and my girl's temperature is 36 degrees...WTF????? (What the fuss???)  Dah masuk sepital baru nak baik yer???  Anak...anak..

Tired but I can't do I want to quit Mommyhood?...hmmm...let's give it a thought...NEVER!!! I love every single minute of it because all these trials only bring me closer to them!
Fast asleep..I like the light above her head.
It makes her look like an angel is protecting her.

This is nothing but my plain ramblings for today.

Oh yeah...I only admitted my daughter for high fever, ten minutes later they fogged the whole parking lot down!
Creepy!!!!  Felt like I was one of those unfortunate souls in a cheap horror flick
as I was making my way to my car!


A.I said...

ayoyo...dugaan sungguh!! tp aku tau kau kuat. kau kan superwomen :)
semoga anak2 & nenek kau cepat2 sembuh + sihat..amin..

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Funny they all say a superwoman..Alhamdulillah..God is taking care of me well!