Monday, October 4, 2010

Guilt is encompassing me...

I was driving very slowly in the dense rain this afternoon on my way to a workshop in Dungun to send my father's car.  Apart from the main problem regarding his radiator, his wiper had also malfunctioned hence the speed in which we drove. I was ahead of him, being somewhat a beacon, as I like to call it, guiding his path.  

As we were passing by the 'Politeknik Dungun' I saw this lady on a motorcycle skid right before my eyes but not too close enough for I might have rammed into her.  God works His wonders in miraculous ways because in normal days, I would have sped and if this were to happen...God, forbid the thoughts I am right having now!

Well, to continue the story, there were two of them and the pillion rider did not get up and as I passed them, her face was down on the road.  I had already steered my car to the left into the emergency lane to offer any help, but  I was there to bring my Dad's car to the workshop..his radiator needed to be checked, it was raining heavily and his wiper was not functioning; after considering this I made my way past them.  

One thing though, the sight of the 'little' girl with her face on the road haunts me till now.  I will never stop blaming myself if anything bad were to happen to her.  I was there and could have helped but I decided to let it go thinking the other car that was there would help..but I could have helped nevertheless...


The Tea Drinker said...

brave post.:)

i had a similar incident and i do feel guilty because i didn't do anything to help.

but it was in the pass and this gave me some lessons to be learned.

- dont judge people. we dont know what we'd do in if we were in their shoes.
- we know ourselves better than before. it is now a tragic reminder of what type of person we are. i thought i'd always do the right stuffs but when it happened, i guess i was corrected.
- much2 later... i learned in an article, the next car would probably think the next car would help too.

on the other hand... what really can you do?

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Rosfidah, its okay, you would have helped for sure...but your car will cause problems.
I'm sure they are alright....hope they wearing helmets?
Sometimes we can, sometimes we cannot....but the Man up there will understand.
You stay easy, best regards, Lee.

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Mr T,
brave post...yeah, I think so too. I was a bit apprehensive at first to what people might say but after giving it a thought, there is no pleasing everybody!

And I agree, don't judge a person until you know what they go have to be in their shoes.

Guess, I got a new perspective in life regarding things like this..

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Uncle Lee,
Long time no see..

Yes, I know He knows the predicament I was facing when I decided to let things be..

Thanks for your kind words...