Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another accident...

The recent 10.10.10 tragedy that claimed the lives of 12 innocent people is nothing to ignore!  Day in and day out, authorities keep on saying they will enforce stricter laws but does it actually help?  Bus drivers still speed at 160km eventhough there is that little black box installed and beeps continuously which could literally make you go mad with annoyance!  Mechanics could also help bus operators cheat the box although it is installed!  So, what could the authorities actually do?  

Most of the time, the government or ministry is blamed for mishaps as such where some people remark that they have not been implementing what they have proposed.  Negative comments like "What if it happened to Mr. X's daughter or son? I am sure Mr. X will take immediate action!" or " Oh..this will make headlines for a day or two, then it will be forgotten..."  Rather than pinpointing to the government, why don't we blame ourselves?  

For me, when accidents happen, those who are behind the wheel are the ones to be put to blame because as a driver, you are responsible of the lives you ferry! It was also reported that there might have been some technical errors like the brakes not functioning.  What lame excuse is that?  Didn't the company service the vehicle before sending it out on a long haul journey?  Didn't the driver notice of this 'malfunction' before he decided to speed and risk the lives of the people in the bus?  I am not blaming the driver totally in this case because he deserves to be given the benefit of the doubt.  There must be a reason why he lost control of the bus that it went into the opposite lane.  For all you know, he might have wanted to avoid a mousedeer that was crossing the road. But we would never know, right? He didn't live to tell the tale.

So it all goes back to the root of the problem which is the mentality of Malaysian drivers.
I would love to quote:
"Malaysia's high accident rates, giving the country the world's top spot with the most road deaths per 100,000 residents as reported by the International Transportation Forum (ITF) last year, is mainly due to drivers' behaviour."

We are so used to the way we drive that most of us disrespect other people's lives.  Take for instance,  drivers who love to tailgate.  If the car just won't budge, (darn that schmuck who drives slow on a fast lane), then just make your way to the other lane and overtake from there rather than driving one feet away from eachother!  Just imagine if the driver of the car in front of you decides to step on the brakes just to piss you off, what do you think would happen?  And while you visualize that, put in an image of your children without their seatbelts on!  Then, there are those who drive while sms-ing or talking on the phone.  Are they aware that this normal habit of theirs can actually take lives? 

Much can be said about the recklessness of our drivers but it won't put a halt to the accidents that occur!  We have to change our mindset for the situation to improve!  The government can only do so much, but if road users decide to ignore the law or to have  poor judgements when driving, nothing can be done to put an end on tragedies like 10.10.10.  If the lives you decide to risk are yours alone, then so be it, but when innocent people who you land on becomes your victim, that is purely callous!

What saddens me is, while we are here thinking of who we should actually blame, 12 families have lost either a father, mother, husband, wife, sister, brother, son or daughter!  And when we do come to a consensus to blame so and so, would it even make a difference to those who have lost their loved ones?  

This is nothing but my plain ramblings for today.



Uncle Lee said...

Hello Rosfidah, I too have read about Malaysia's very high rate of vehicle fatal collisions.

This my personal opinion...but the fines are not heavy enough.
Here, your car gets stopped, you either get a fine that will make you eat bubur two months, or your keys taken away on the spot, your car is towed away.
And a $10,000 fine can sure make someone think 6 times driving fast.

And our cops here don't take prisoners too.
Of course there still are those that do speed, but three days later receive a official letter with pics of their car, and a fine make him choke on his coffee!

Seeing our cops, cars lights flashing, siren blasting away chasing after a speeding driver can be scary, as well we have helicopters cruising above too....

Really sad to read of those 10 people lost their lives.
Best regards, Lee.

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Uncle Lee,
I think we should impose a hefty fine too like what they have been doing over there in Canada. Scare the living daylight out of these buggers.