Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Philandering is the new hobby...

I am lucky I did not get married to an international sportsman because if I did, maybe I would make it into the spotlight with news of my footballer husband being in someone else's bed!  

When David Beckham made it first with his Rebecca Loos story, I wasn't much intrigued because before he tied himself down to Mrs. B, he was always involved with beautiful women one after another...but  Tiger Woods shocked me tremendously when the press managed to leak news of his sex romps because all this while he had always carried this 'family man' look and portrayed a very good image of himself.  What I can deduce from this is, cheaters are not only those who are famous b******s with the bad boy image or charming good looks; it could just be any 'Dick' or Harry out there! 

The question I would like to pose is, why do men cheat?  If some say that it is because the wife has not been taking good care of her physical appearance, then do you count Victoria Beckham, Collen whatever her last name is, Elin whatever her last name is too, Cheryl Cole as ugly and haggard women..?  Aren't they all beautiful women? Well, I think some men just cheat because they know they can and they are capable of detaching themselves from dwelling into emotions as they go deeper into this affair!  They don't need a strong reason to do it having "just the thrill of it" or "just to try it out" as a good enough excuse to go astray.  

But, the sad thing is, when things are exposed, who is the victim?  What do you do to your marriage when it is stained?  The consequences differ for each individual.  Some would gladly go because they know they have the financial means to start a new life!  But when you plan to leave with kids tagging along in this cut throat world..are you able to?  Are you strong enough to tap rubber trees and face jagged paths until you make your way into riches?  Are you strong enough to lead a life without that other person who although neglected and ignored you but was there to be a place where you poured yourself out to?  And worst of all when the victims are your kids..Do you have the heart to take away your children from their father?  

Hence, you decide to stay although you may have your heart broken once, twice, thrice only because you are simply stuck with it!  And in the end, after picking up the broken pieces and gluing it together, he smashes your heart again...and to prove his innocence, does he think a lawsuit worth millions of pounds could help you heal...?

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Anonymous said...

Dah lama Kak Nell tak menjengah..just to show that I am still your reader. Fida, adik,..sabar okay! Allah menduga kita sebab dia love kita..