Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kalau nak murah beli kat Secret Recipeler...

Someone ordered a Peaches and Coconut Cream Cheesecake from me just last week.  I charged her RM 150.  She flipped over the moon, although I did warn her upon ordering that my cakes are VERY expensive only because I use quality products.  She ordered nevertheless and  spread to her friends never to order from me again because I charge atrociously.

Now, let me tell you in on one secret. I NEVER give out recipes I use for business purposes due to one bad experience when a person I used to be close to took my recipe and did a business of her own claiming that my recipe was based on hers and stole me loyal customers, but heck this is the recipe anyways:

Isn't she a beauty?

by Chef Wan

1 cup of Nestum 
1/2 cup pecans. (Ground coarsely)
100 gram butter, melted until it become shiny and bubbly. ( I use Golden Churn or Lurpak)
1/4 cup brown sugar

Mix all ingredients. Put in a springform pan. Cool in the refrigerator.

750 grm cream cheese (Philly is the best)
3/4 cup fine sugar/castor sugar
3 tbsp all purpose flour
3 eggs 
454 peaches in tin, strain the liquid and puréed.  Masuk jer dalam blender and zap away.( 1 can approx.)
1/4  cup coconut cream 

1. Mix cream cheese, sugar, flour.
2. Add the eggs one by one.
3. Put in the peaches and coconut cream. Fold mixture.
4. Put the batter in the crust and bake at 170 cc for 10 minutes.
    Then reduce the heat to 160 cc and continue baking for 1 hour

Voila. Simple maa...

1.  Nestum- RM 1.50 per  cup
2.  Pecan -  RM 4 per half cup.  
I pay RM 16 for a container that gives me 5 serving of a half cup quantity.
3.  100 gm butter - RM 5 
(Lurpak and Golden Churn cost around RM 11 for 250 gm), mahal lagi  sebenarnyer.
4.  brown sugar - FOC
CRUST : RM 10.50

1. Cream cheese - RM 36 for 3 (750 gm) I am charged RM 11.90.
*   It's difficult to buy the 1 kilo bar and if I were able to purchase that, 
    the cost WOULD BE GREATLY reduced. If you want a cheaper cream cheese,
    I could buy you Tatura which costs RM 7 per 250 gm but since they all wanted the BEST,
    you paylah!!!
2. fine sugar - RM 1
3. 3eggs RM 1.50 (yes, I did take some profit..around 17 sen each)
4. peaches- RM 8 a tin
    (there is a cheaper one but I have tried it and it did not work on my cake)
5. coconut cream RM 1

Crust and filling: RM58
Labor charges : RM 10 for my helper, Nining for everyday she spends helping me. (1 day)
Water and electricity: RM 7
MY labor charges: FOC

TOTAL : RM 75 

My capital is RM 75, and in the F&B world, normally they would multiply the capital with 2 (RM75 *2 ) to get profit. Some take more.  So RM 150, to me, for a cake that weighs 2.8 kg is FAIR.  If you want to compare my charges to Secret Recipe, sorry ler..that does not do me justice because they buy their items in bulk resulting to lower costs. 

So, if you want a cheaper go to Secret Recipe ler....!! If you want it cheaper than SR, you take a pen and paper, you take down my recipe, go to TMC, buy the ingredients and BUAT SENDIRILER...lagi bagus!  Jangan print because it will add up to the cost incurred.  Hehehe...(evil laugh)

This is nothing but my plain ramblings for today.

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