Monday, July 12, 2010

A superfluous character..

A meeting was held today to discuss the results for the recent mid-term examination, so I called up the Vice Principal beforehand to excuse myself from it.  Since my assistant would be present as head of panel for her subject,  I didn't see why I should be there to hear the same thing when all I could do is ask her for the details the next day. I decided it was best for me not to be there and at the same time I could help to reduce cost; with one tummy away means the school gets to save approximately RM 3 on refreshments.  Unfortunately, my pleas had fallen on deaf ears..the VP said " As the Form 4 co-ordinator, your presence is compulsory!"  I didn't pull a face because I know he was only doing his job..and the fact that he added " You may leave quietly in the middle of it" made it even more difficult for me to be a crybaby for the simple fact that my request was turned down.

Hmm...compulsory my foot..hey, do not get me wrong...I have much respect for the VP because he is a very understanding man, has never made my life miserable, is always practical and realistic in his orders and very straight-forward.  So, when he denied my request to be excused from the meeting today, I did not protest but obliged happily.  But to say that my presence is compulsory, technically, maybe .. but realistically...I do not think so.  Just imagine being there in the meeting room for 3 hours long, listening attentively just in case you are questioned for certain things relating to academic programmes and such only to be disappointed when there is just no time to discuss the results for the recent exam among the Form 1,2 and 4 students.  Imagine wasting a good 180 minutes of your time being in a room full of people who talk between themselves (including me) simply because we are the irrelevant players.  Most of the time, this is what happens.

Presenting the weaknesses and strengths of the students when they attempted the questions only help to point out where both teachers and students have gone wrong during the teaching and learning session.  However, it is only possible to achieve this when there are constructive discussions on the flaws that may have occurred. By having these post-mortem sessions, it is supposed to help the teachers improve their teaching skills when we, together as teachers dissect each others' pros and cons only for the sole objective to achieve some or more academic excellence.  Correct me if I am being misleading, but aren't meetings like this suppose to accomplish some kind of solutions that may or may not work by exchanging methods and opinions that seem to work for some? 

I know the administrators are perpetuated to bring out the best of teachers for us to help produce students who would always achieve A's many many times but be realistic!  It does not suffice only by hearing presentations or giving a presentation on how many A's, B's, C's etc etc that students' had achieved in the X subject, the R subject or the K subject.  A meeting is supposed to be a point of discussion not a lecture session..So, how pertinent is my presence as the Form 4 co-ordinator when I, for a single second even, had no relevance being there?

This is my plain ramblings for today.

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