Monday, July 12, 2010

My beacon, my pillar..he is!

Amat Apis whom I met 13 years ago from today, came to me at the right time in my life, when I needed that extra special attention.  I was living with 3 other girls who I love very very very much but they just could never possibly fill in that gaping hole in my heart.  My loneliness nearly lowered my self-esteem, and that was when I met him.  We kicked off very well and 6 months later, we became more than friends and he had saved me from being vulnerable about myself, my appearance.  I guess God had it planned that he would always come to stop me from breaking apart. 

But Amat Apis being Amat Apis, never having the right words to say to me during my recklessly emotional episodes, however, would never ever falter at doing the right things for me.  Just like last week,  I was feeling tremendously upset and devastated after I found out that a very personal friend of mine whom I regarded as a sister, a confidante had betrayed me.  With my husband not being around to offer me his shoulders to cry on, it made it even harder to swallow.  And he, although being many many miles apart, with the sea being in between us, never took that opportunity to neglect me but managed to be there for me, being by my side through that troubling time although not physically.  Through ooVoo (something like Skype), he patiently waited for me to finally be relieved of my worries and anger even when it was apparent from the looks on his face that he needed to rest after a hard day's work.  He never told me to sleep although it was already 4 a.m, he never told me to stop yapping, he never said anything because he knew all that I wanted was for him to listen. 

Knowing that I was still upset, he decided to pacify me by literally being by my side and that is what he just did.  To cheer me up, to help me regain myself, he came down all the way from the Gulf be it only for three days, as long as he knew that I was okay.  Yes, my husband may have some imperfections, so do I.  But one thing that I never have is his extra-ordinary amount of patience and his willingness to do just about anything (within limitations) for me.  My weekend last Thursday,  would always be a weekend to remember. I know with him by my side, with his support, I could manage just about anything for he would always stop me from tearing apart.  I know now why God sent him to me although he deserves a better wife; he was sent to me to save me from myself.


Anonymous said...

Yang, I will try my best to be with you. Don't worry, once everything is settled, all of us will be here in Ruwais (i.e. middle of nowhere!). It is you and only you that I want to be with. This is only a temporary setback; missing you and the kids..


Che Sue said...

sooo suwit la korang ni~!

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Thank you for always being there..

Che Su..
Isk..isk...miss my hubby...jeles tgk hang dapat masak laksa untuk Cik Zaha..

A.I said...

romantika d amor le.
huhuhu..musti kau windu giler ngan amat apis tu kan?

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...


reanaclaire said...

so romantic.. :p

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Nice to have you dropping by..drop by often.:)..

Alang said...

Guys ... go get a room!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Rosfida, I enjoyed this posting very much, and you sure have one very good like him don't grow on trees.
He's very good looking too with that light up three kampongs smile of his.
Have fun, and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

We will get a room...soon! *wink* *wink*

Uncle Lee,
Thanks for the compliments but I guess I am better looking than him. Hence, how the kids look great too!!!..HAHAHAHA..
Yes...he sure is one helluva great guy...(great with a capital G)..

Doria Robert Kawen said...

sob..sob...sedih dan terharu aku...sorry Rose for not being able to be with u there...kalau le kau kat kch ni,aku bawak ko ngam anak2 jalan2 selalu,then amat apis wont be too worry,kan.
aku ingat lagi ur 'recital' of amat apis name everytime u got bored in the class.hehe..:)