Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Please, pardon me Sir!

(btw I regret to say that I have a personal dislike for any reference to f*… in a blog, no matter how utterly disgusted one may feel over something – more so from one involved in education.) 

Yes, En. Awang (this time)... I have to agree with you on this one!! If you read my previous entries, I recall saying that I do take criticism seriously especially the constructive ones.  Indeed, I have to watch my language even when I am blogging; who knows when one day, students who look up to me might stumble upon this blog like you did and become repulsed with such profanity resulting in their lack of respect towards me.  My brother has repeatedly told me to ban such horrid words from appearing on my blogs, but me being stubborn little me decided to ignore it!  Well, yes, I am a teacher... but I can guarantee that I have never spoken such words with my students, it is totally unacceptable; even by me!  

However, in my defense, when I return home I would like to undress my teacher costume and put on my Plain Jane one, to be disconnected from that teacher portfolio and to just become me.  I need my own space and I need my freedom of speech... but does it mean that I must use profanity??? Definitely NOT!  Teaching is a prestige, and not everyone can be one... I guess we are hand-picked by God.  And being given that honor, I have to admit that it is my duty to uphold it with the highest dignity in any possible way.

So, thank you and my appreciation is dedicated to you.   On a serious note, I enjoyed reading your view even though a bit shamed at myself for my... misconduct.  So, I will try to turn into a new leaf and use other words to replace the effing ones... hehehe... pun intended..  So, please excuse my French!!!  Do drop by again, that is if you haven't lost your way here in your race that may put the Isle of Wight to shame...
Thanks again!!! :)

Flower for the teacher..
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Faikay said...

Hey sis ... think of it this way - it takes storms to make rainbows and lemons to make lemonade. Think about it and smile :)

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

It could have not been said any better..
Come to think of it..I needed a complete stranger to put me into light when all this while you have been trying to do the same.

Wan Sharif said...

What's past is past..
Alhamdulillah kalau dah sedar dan berazam nak berubah..
That's right, a stranger with good intention may change our views towards things..that's why we cherished those comments ( those with good intention).
Hopefully at the end of our days, we will be what we should be.. A pure Muslim, no less..InsyaAllah.

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

En. Wan,
Insya-allah. :)