Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Petronas Bentong..

I made a pit stop at Petronas Bentong to refuel my car.  The buy who attended to me was quite a friendly chap and was very helpful and well-mannered.  I can be quite a friendly person too, flashing my rare one million dollar smile to those who do the same to me.  Since, he was the lucky few,  I decided to also strike a small conversation between know just to kill time while waiting for my car to have its fair share of refreshment.

" Ramai tak orang hari nih?" I asked.
" Tak ramai sangat...tapi minggu lepas memang ramai."
  He replied.
" Mungkin sebab hari nih Rabu kot..
  Tungguler hari Jumaat nanti atau Sabtu. 
  Terengganu,  Kelantan dah mula sekolah hari Ahad kan.." 
  I said while grinning to him.
" Haah..masa tuh orang dah mula sibuk nak hantar anak-anak ke sekolah asrama''
  He grinned back at me.
" Haah..sibukler masa tuh."  Smiling still.
" Acik nak pergi ke mana?"  He continued the conversation.

Kurang hasam...aku yang vogue nih dipanggilnyer ACIK?????

I was smiling no was gone in millisecond.

Do I look like a makcik to you??
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fiza said...

cant help from laughing when reading the last bit...ahahahahaaa...

he must've been too blind to see la fida...

baru plan nk berdinner together u dh blk kerteh plak...xde rezki. next time perhaps..

u take care then..

Wan Sharif said...

Oops there goes the rare smile..
but then as time catch up with you (sometime without you realizing)..
I had one very very bad experience.. I was with my X then on a mission to buy small electrical appliance, my X enter the premise long before me.. unbeknown to me the shop attendance (a young girl) has called her Mak Cik.. and 3 minutes later she called me Abang.. OH..OH..there goes my evening tea.

A.I said...

spechless. kahhhhhhhhhhhh...sib bek budak tu tak kene tuang ngan minyak kete!

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Dinner will happen one day. Leave your number in my FB account. When I go down to my mam's, I'll ring you.

En. Wan,
Hmmm...I wonder why the MEN never get called that?? You are lucky you just did not get your afternoon tea..I would have sucked you dry by asking to buy me facial products to make me look younger..

Haah..seb baik tak boleh nak tuang..kalu tidak..hehehe

Acik???? Goram hati den!!!

VersedAnggerik said...


I get that all the time, nak wat camne kan? Garis2 penuaan dah mmg ketara!

I say, dun take yourself too seriously. Coz others definitely don't!

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Yes Kak,
Have to come to terms with my old will never stay young forever eh..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Rosfida, ha ha ha. Love that. Lee.

Al-Manar said...

Does it sound better ? (with the ‘dear’ I mean.). Here I am again...

Ali ( not is real name) of Bentong Petronas station said that he never meant to be rude. On the other hand, in return for your enchanting smile, he wished to be nice to you. He was half expecting you to hold his shoulder with a ‘thank you, dik’ if not a peck on his cheek!
According to him ‘acik’ was said because he knew from the dictionary that it was nothing less than a compliment. So it is. He is right.

Once upon a time in the Malayan (not Malaysia )Civil Service was a man bearing the name of RJ Wilkinson. Yes he was a Mat Salleh, who was regarded as a guru of Malay-Dictionary. In 1932 he had his reknown Malay-English dictionary published in Greece. It was a massive work of two huge volumes containing 1300 pages, putting DBP to shame. Among the meanings of ACHI’ ( old Malay spelling) he wrote : Elder sister, young aunt etc. Can you as a hot-blooded Malay not accept this genuine Malay word as a term of endearment? He said that in that vein, pure and simple.

Ali went on to relate what his uncle, who went to study in England before Merdeka, once told him. According to this uncle it was impolite to talk in a foreign language within the earshot of English people. Can we similarly not take it as impolite that we (the English educated !) speak in English in he presence of a group of Malay folks who may not understand English as we do?

I notice visitors to your blog postings are all too ready to give compliments or lend support to our grouses. I, Awang ( whatever) do not fall for that, if all I want is to be constructive.
To you, Achi’, (borrowing Ali’s word of admiration and respect) I mean no harm.

BTW, your posting of 19the June shows an admirable restraint. Congratulations.
( If you are angry while you are standing, sit down. If you are angry while you are sitting, lie down -- an understanding from our prophet’s saying.)
Awang ( lagi)

Al-Manar said...

You see I have patient in dealing with my very poor pupils. There are not many truly good teachers in English, you are one.Let us give good eamples as far as possible.
Salaam from
Pakcik (at last)

Doria Robert Kawen said... al manar..thanks for Rose..u dah dapat jawapan dah..(hehehehe)

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

En. Pakcik Al-Manar,

I enjoy the seeing the other side of the coin just as much as I enjoy the side I always see.

Thank you for your words. You along with Awang (at his time) bring some lemon to the sweetness that I am showered with..It is refreshing I said, I accept criticism, constructive ones with an open mind.

Achi / Young Aunt / Kakak would have been nicer..