Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My semester break..(Edited)

Tomorrow Today, I will be heading back to Kerteh to finish off what is left of this semester break.  As usual, I hate to leave my mam's house and I guess I would be crying in the car when everyone else isn't looking.  Thanks to my oversized sunglasses, my kids won't even notice the tears.  

For the first time, I managed to drive approximately 250km ALONE (meaning: no BIL to accompany me during the journey) to Labis where my Amat Apis's grandmother lives.  My kids love that place so much as it is a stark contrast to their Wawan's home in Sg. Tua where its surrounding is nothing natural or kampung like.  Your eyes would never rest on sights of skyscrapers that seem to be thrusting into the open sky in Labis but blankets and blankets of lush green forests of palm plantations would be a remedy for those sore eyes.  Not only do my kids love it there but it has also taken my heart away.  Just imagine waking up to the smell of the mist and there is no need for air-conditioning because it is darn too cold already without it at night and the smell of old timber from the walls of the home is something you would never get in the city!  

We went to Batu Pahat Wet World the very next day.  It took us nearly 2 hours to reach the place.  I brought along my cousins, the youngest being 9 years old, who happens to be my children's Aunt.  It is nothing impressive as I have been to Sunway Lagoon.  Some of the pools are dirty with fallen leaves and the place reeked with the smell of urine.  Diapers were also loafing around and I guess they were there on a holiday too, sunbathing it seems. My kids didn't seem to notice it as they were enjoying themselves swimming in the pool I managed to get them in and they just could not top from going down the waterslides many many times.  I wonder most of the time, where do they ever get the energy.

Then, two days later, we headed to Sg. Tua..home of yours truly.  From Labis, I took the Pagoh highway straight to KL..and alhamdulillah..I manged to reach my mam's place in one piece.  FYI, I have never used the Pagoh way before and neither has Amat Apis.  Thanks to Mr. Garmin on my HTC, Estee and I managed to fumble our way out from jungle into the highway..well Arip.. (my cousin) was there too to assist me! I got lost though from the Sg. Besi route and found myself in Kg. Baru..but dearest Hubby had always reminded me to stay calm in any situations especially when driving because panicking would do me no good.  And wise he is proven to be...I found my way into the MRR II ( I think..???) to head for my mams.  So, along the way, I dropped Arip at my Uncle's house in Tmn. Permata and from there onwards was not a problem at all.

In my previous blog, I did tell you that I brought them to Cosmos won't be telling you that again.  Yesterday (14.06.2010) I brought my children out for dinner.  He, like me, shares the same passion for food and it was his crave for fish and chips that brought him out to town.  And last night, it was supposed to be swimming night but the pool at my brother's apartments was under maintenance and the kids became extra disappointed..Luckily there was a funfair in town and so I brought them there.  I went to fetch my sister from work and when I reached home, my brother Alang was waiting for us already.  So, we went to the funfair and that is where money was spent unnoticed especially when the kids go on the same ride for one million times and just imagine having three.... 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention about what I did for myself..(hamik ko Intan..aku tulis dalam bahasa omputeh)  I met my VERY close friend from during my childhood, Intan, after 21 years of not being in contact.  I could never recall why we drifted apart because we were extremely close to each other doing just about everything together..In the afternoons after school, we would go to a river near my place and just spend hours and hours in the water looking for gold.  At that time, there was this chaos about people finding gold in one of the rivers in Perak.  Then, afterwards, we would go on our bicycle and speed away to where our legs could cycle..we enjoyed each other's company so much we could have been lesbians!!  It was through facebook that we finally met up again, it was she who messaged me.  I was stricken with think that after many many years not knowing of our whereabouts finally through Facebook, we managed to reconcile our lost friendship...

Intan, ( a personal note to you) I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED YOU VERY MUCH AND I STILL DO!!! (see how lesbian I could get) I would love to link you all to her site because she wrote a piece on our get together just last Sunday, but she also posted pictures of me looking all oily on my face..not to my advantage as opposed to her who looks ravishing even after having 4 kids.

Well, time will come again  and since I know where she lives, I WILL drop by some more.  This time there would be pictures of us together...Oh yeah, my Iman came along and she bonded instantly with Intan's children..I shall post pictures when I get my extension. 
(Intan, Satisfied ....??? Love u n Adeq!) 

I'm spent..physically and financially..heheh..but it was worth every penny because you only have to look at my children's faces to know why..all gleaming with joy..And this is a secret, okay...not only did they not utter a word about their father, I,  accidently forgot about him too being drowned with all the exciting things I did with my 'terrors'..heheh..not missing him yet!  Well, there holiday has come to an end. It'll be another two more months till the next one comes along..until then..Adios, semester break! Back to work again!

This is nothing but my plain ramblings for today!


A.I said...

nape tak criter kau singgah ke penthouse aku yg kat dalam utan tu? miahahahaha...

wei, tp mmg betol la kan? sepenat mana pon, sebanyak mana pon duit kuar..rasa berbaloi bila tengok muka anak2 hepi.. (^_^)

selamat kembali bekerja beb. ngeeeee

Wan Sharif said...

Marvellous time out.. melawat sanak saudara and spend quality time with anak-anak..
Masa kecil ni lah kita harus tumpukan perhatian.. dah besar nanti (kalau sekarang kita kurang bersama mereka) mereka tak berapa senang nak bersama ibubapa..
So take good care, build the rapport.. make them trust you.. take you as their confidante.. etcetera..
Semuga bahagia sokmo sokmo..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Rosfida, Nice to know of the love you have for hubby. With tears.
I really enjoyed reading your this lively posting, like as if I too travelling on the many places, except for the amusement places, I have once upon atime passed thru or stopped for coffee.
You keep well and have fun, Lee.

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Uncle Lee, travelling have only begun after my husband's migration to find riches for himself..While he was here, we rarely ihad the oppurtunity to go places for he was always bound by work.
Now that his pants I wear..jalan jalan cari makan..

En. Wan,

I share your views on building rapport etc etc with our children. I take example from my father who would always bring us to roam the world every free time he has. We rarely stayed at home, it was like practically living in our small Toyota cruising from one state to another..those were the days. And yes, we are very his own way though..

Booohooo..missing my father, (mam's here with me), my sister and my brothers..


Memang..the greatest gift to me is to make my children happy!! I love my kids more than myself..more than my LV Hampstead or Neverfull yang ku inginkan sangat itu!!!!

A.I said...

HOHOHO!!! AKHIRNYA SUDAH DI EDITED DENGAN JAYANYA! wakakakakakaka...ha, baru aku puas ati. lalalalalala..

ai lebiu too LESBO! (^_^)

A.I said...

eh, lupa lak. wei, mana ada buruk muka kau kat entry aku? comel lotey la mung. isk..