Friday, June 25, 2010

Linking my Dad.

My dad, after he was no longer in the government services decided to become a taxi driver to kill time and also to get some cash, obviously.  He was always a techno sort of guy, as I could remember him working on our first Apple PC in the den room  when I was around 7 years old, progamming this and that and whatnots.  On the monitor, I would see words imprinted in green , something like this (just an example as I definitely cannot recollect those computer language I saw many many years back!!)
<expr> ::= <number>
          | (<expr> * <expr>)
          | (<expr> + <expr>)

which I could not comprehend, all listed down on the black screen.  Daddy...always one to update himself on things related to computer.

Now, with the Intenet as another elective tool for quick communication, he promptly upgraded himself on the ways around it going for short term courses he happily paid for even being one of the oldest adult student there.  Nothing could stop that man from technology!  Alang, my nerdy brother as his sidekick, who share the same talent on things relating to computer (sorry, I do not know the jargon related to computerism) would always be the one Daddy would refer to when certain glitches arise.  And now, hand in hand they worked on Daddy's website, Daddy doing most of it since Alang is employed elsewhere.    

So, if you happen to be around LCCT or coming to Malaysia and need transportation, just look for my Dad  here and here. And one more thing, he has also got internet services in his taxi charging at RM 5 per or not..this old man of mine?? Of course, coz he is MY dad!!!


Wan Sharif said...

Wow, that's good..rather that lazing around at home - becoming coach potato, your father might as well do something, increase his circle of friend and earn some money as well..
It is also cool to have his good daughter do some advert for him..

RM5 is OK for those who want to remain connected while in the taxi.. afterall it is optional..

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

En. Wan,
What is family for ...? Free advert laa..heheh..nanti balik kampung, ini anak mintak komisen jugak..huahuahua..My dad kena paw dengan I nanti..