Saturday, June 5, 2010

Exam Week..

This is my way of keeping my students quiet during the exam.

And the result is:


Exam's over now.  Happy Holidays, Teachers!!  You guys deserve it.
( giving credits to my phone: All  pictures and videos were taken by my HTC Touch Diamond 2)


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Rosfida, Holy Smoke! Your board shows, 'Siapa chakap, teacher pukul'?
None of the students mentioned about 'human right', arhaaaa ha ha.
Wayyyyy to go, Rosfida! Reminds me of old days in the '50s where I had teachers, both male and sarong wearing ones.

They sure were very good with their aim....with a chalk! And 'if anyone talking. sleeping, eating'....the teachers let go their guided missiles.

We had an Indian teacher....he was sadistic! Form 3 then. He would give us an exercise to do, and he walks around....with a 3 feet long, very thick ruler.
And fortunately we were young, no heart if we discreetly chatting about some Form 5 girls wearing short shorts doing PE, instead of concentrating on our given work.....

He sneaks up behind us and BANG that ruler on the table.
If you have not seen young boys jumping up like as if seating on hot coal in fright!....our class had these jumping champions. Include yours truly, ha ha.
Once he used his shoe! Ha ha.
You have fun, Teacher, Lee.

Wan Sharif said...

Ho ho.. Just like Bro Lee,
I notice "tendang bola masuk gol, siapa bercakap teacher pukul.. heh macam pantun 2 kerat plak..
Now ni masa musim piala dunia bola..
Cikgu Rosfida pun terikut ikut juga..
Berehat mollek.. energise yourself,
have a nice school holidays... hopefully tak perlu gi sekolah sokmo musim cuti nie..

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Uncle Lee,
Nakal jugak ye dia nih masa dulu.
Yup, teachers even during my years, which is quite recent (hahaha)..used to do that too. Setakat rotan or cubit tuh is something common. We tahan je lah..

En Wan,
Ada satu lagi tau:
Kek kek kek,
Kuih bangkit,
Saper bercakap,
Kena cubit..

Alah...budak2 tuh bukannyer takut..lepas baca, terus depa gelak. At least I get to put a smile on someone's face kan..

And yes, enjoying my holiday going here and there and back to here and going there again..