Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Just Wanted to Have Fun...

I just wanted to have fun you say...so do I!!! Crash! Boom! Bang!

There goes my HTC Touch Diamond 2 banged against the wall!!!  Beterabur...Habis fon canggih tuh..not so canggih anymore!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

It is slowing getting to me..

Came back from watching the turtles laying eggs and also a trip to Yak Yoh, Firefly Sanctuary at 2ish. (will write a post on it later).  Reached home and decided to satisfy the grumbling tummy with some servings of carbs late at night...morning.  Went back home at 4 after Kaklong and Alang had had enough of my dorkiness.  

I went to bed and could not stop tossing and turning..looking for that something that was not there. It's 5.59 a.m. I got up, looked around in search for that something...It was then that the pang of loneliness came to hit me and I fell back slowly on the bed.  I think I am starting to miss my husband and I do not like the feeling at all!  I really miss him..and this loneliness aches like it has never ached before.  I need to cry..I haven't cried a bit since he left, but my tears would not come out.  My heart is in pain..I want him badly, to hear my stories, to hold my hand when I sleep, I need him for he is my companion, I need him because he is my better half.  

Amat Apis, I haven't said this at all to you...I am struggling to be strong without you and yes, I miss you too.
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Linking my Dad.

My dad, after he was no longer in the government services decided to become a taxi driver to kill time and also to get some cash, obviously.  He was always a techno sort of guy, as I could remember him working on our first Apple PC in the den room  when I was around 7 years old, progamming this and that and whatnots.  On the monitor, I would see words imprinted in green , something like this (just an example as I definitely cannot recollect those computer language I saw many many years back!!)
<expr> ::= <number>
          | (<expr> * <expr>)
          | (<expr> + <expr>)

which I could not comprehend, all listed down on the black screen.  Daddy...always one to update himself on things related to computer.

Now, with the Intenet as another elective tool for quick communication, he promptly upgraded himself on the ways around it going for short term courses he happily paid for even being one of the oldest adult student there.  Nothing could stop that man from technology!  Alang, my nerdy brother as his sidekick, who share the same talent on things relating to computer (sorry, I do not know the jargon related to computerism) would always be the one Daddy would refer to when certain glitches arise.  And now, hand in hand they worked on Daddy's website, Daddy doing most of it since Alang is employed elsewhere.    

So, if you happen to be around LCCT or coming to Malaysia and need transportation, just look for my Dad  here and here. And one more thing, he has also got internet services in his taxi charging at RM 5 per USE...cool or not..this old man of mine?? Of course, coz he is MY dad!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Being a wicked witch for the day.

In my form 3 class today, I entered with a stern face clutching the examination papers I had recently marked.  I put my teaching log on the table and after that when all had sat comfortably on their chair, I could sense this uneasy silence from this usually rowdy class.  I know I managed to petrify them.  

I handed to them their marked sheets and I could see some red shade on their faces, the ink on their paper reflecting on their faces, none was all too happy as I was still in my wicked-witch-of-the-west  mode.   I called up 9 of my students; a mixture of the weak and brilliant ones while looking at my record book, told them to stand, looked at them one by one but none dared to look back at me.  I could hear their hearts beating in unison and the smell of trepidation was quickly looming the air.  I could not stop the feeling of pleasure at the thought of them feeling daunted to what lurked ahead of them.  It amused me so much I nearly smiled but I kept my cool, constrained myself and continued by repeating their names plus mentioning some numbers.

As soon as I finished, I broke out into a laughter, an elegant one mind you, the hehehehe hiik made famous by Saloma.  All eyes that were once  utterly infatuated with their desks seemed to turn their gazes on me..each one in a state of confusion.  Has she gone mad? I dare say they thought that.  And so, I told the others whose bottoms were still fixed on their chair to give a huge round of applause to these students whom were standing.  "Why, teacher? " a boy asked.  Just the question I was expecting to hear.  So I said, they made a significant improvement in their recent English exam and I wanted to show them off.  

They all clapped, after digesting the info, loudly for their friends' achievement.  I could not have felt any more than satisfied to see those wide proud grins on their faces!  Purely gratifying indeed.

Congratulations! Keep up the good work, kiddos..

Fatihah:            59 to 71
Amelia:             70 to 80
Faizul:              49 to 58
Amirul Aiman:   46 to 57
Alia Nasreen:    68 to 76
Amera:            44 to 51
Nur Liyana:       44 to 60
Wasilah:           42 to 50
Maryam:           80 to 90

This is nothing but my plain ramblings for today.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What is your sex?

Real incident that happened during a job interview.

A:  Hello!
B:  Hello
A:  What is your name?
B:  Jane Doe
A:  How are you, Jane Doe?
B:  20 years old.
A:  No..I'm sorry but I said how are you?
B:  20 years old.
A:  What is your age?
B:  I don't know.
A:  It's okay. Your sex please.
B:  Many times.
A:  ???
     Tell me your sex please.
B:  Many times..
A:  Are you a boy or a girl?
B:  Boy only.  Girl not nice!
     ( looking shy with a gross smile)

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Saturday, June 19, 2010


Just finished marking my students' mid-term English paper and I am left feeling nothing less than upset, annoyed, angry and the whole nine yards.

I will get back to you guys later when my mind is at ease.  I am afraid that I might vent my frustration here thus leading me to utter horrid words that may seem to put my students down.  I shall cool down before the day ends so that what I need to express to them tomorrow is done in a mannerly fashion.

What have I been doing these past few months?  Sometimes I feel my works have had no blessings from Allah...What should I do to improve these students ability to write just simple sentences.  At least they get a passing...that is my only hope...to make them pass..while for the others who can write but are grammatically haywired, I need to push shove them a lot more so that a B would be guaranteed!  

What should I do? What should I do?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Petronas Bentong..

I made a pit stop at Petronas Bentong to refuel my car.  The buy who attended to me was quite a friendly chap and was very helpful and well-mannered.  I can be quite a friendly person too, flashing my rare one million dollar smile to those who do the same to me.  Since, he was the lucky few,  I decided to also strike a small conversation between us..you know just to kill time while waiting for my car to have its fair share of refreshment.

" Ramai tak orang hari nih?" I asked.
" Tak ramai sangat...tapi minggu lepas memang ramai."
  He replied.
" Mungkin sebab hari nih Rabu kot..
  Tungguler hari Jumaat nanti atau Sabtu. 
  Terengganu,  Kelantan dah mula sekolah hari Ahad kan.." 
  I said while grinning to him.
" Haah..masa tuh orang dah mula sibuk nak hantar anak-anak ke sekolah asrama''
  He grinned back at me.
" Haah..sibukler masa tuh."  Smiling still.
" Acik nak pergi ke mana?"  He continued the conversation.

Kurang hasam...aku yang vogue nih dipanggilnyer ACIK?????

I was smiling no more..it was gone in millisecond.

Do I look like a makcik to you??
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My semester break..(Edited)

Tomorrow Today, I will be heading back to Kerteh to finish off what is left of this semester break.  As usual, I hate to leave my mam's house and I guess I would be crying in the car when everyone else isn't looking.  Thanks to my oversized sunglasses, my kids won't even notice the tears.  

For the first time, I managed to drive approximately 250km ALONE (meaning: no BIL to accompany me during the journey) to Labis where my Amat Apis's grandmother lives.  My kids love that place so much as it is a stark contrast to their Wawan's home in Sg. Tua where its surrounding is nothing natural or kampung like.  Your eyes would never rest on sights of skyscrapers that seem to be thrusting into the open sky in Labis but blankets and blankets of lush green forests of palm plantations would be a remedy for those sore eyes.  Not only do my kids love it there but it has also taken my heart away.  Just imagine waking up to the smell of the mist and there is no need for air-conditioning because it is darn too cold already without it at night and the smell of old timber from the walls of the home is something you would never get in the city!  

We went to Batu Pahat Wet World the very next day.  It took us nearly 2 hours to reach the place.  I brought along my cousins, the youngest being 9 years old, who happens to be my children's Aunt.  It is nothing impressive as I have been to Sunway Lagoon.  Some of the pools are dirty with fallen leaves and the place reeked with the smell of urine.  Diapers were also loafing around and I guess they were there on a holiday too, sunbathing it seems. My kids didn't seem to notice it as they were enjoying themselves swimming in the pool I managed to get them in and they just could not top from going down the waterslides many many times.  I wonder most of the time, where do they ever get the energy.

Then, two days later, we headed to Sg. Tua..home of yours truly.  From Labis, I took the Pagoh highway straight to KL..and alhamdulillah..I manged to reach my mam's place in one piece.  FYI, I have never used the Pagoh way before and neither has Amat Apis.  Thanks to Mr. Garmin on my HTC, Estee and I managed to fumble our way out from jungle into the highway..well Arip.. (my cousin) was there too to assist me! I got lost though from the Sg. Besi route and found myself in Kg. Baru..but dearest Hubby had always reminded me to stay calm in any situations especially when driving because panicking would do me no good.  And wise he is proven to be...I found my way into the MRR II ( I think..???) to head for my mams.  So, along the way, I dropped Arip at my Uncle's house in Tmn. Permata and from there onwards was not a problem at all.

In my previous blog, I did tell you that I brought them to Cosmos World..so won't be telling you that again.  Yesterday (14.06.2010) I brought my children out for dinner.  He, like me, shares the same passion for food and it was his crave for fish and chips that brought him out to town.  And last night, it was supposed to be swimming night but the pool at my brother's apartments was under maintenance and the kids became extra disappointed..Luckily there was a funfair in town and so I brought them there.  I went to fetch my sister from work and when I reached home, my brother Alang was waiting for us already.  So, we went to the funfair and that is where money was spent unnoticed especially when the kids go on the same ride for one million times and just imagine having three.... 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention about what I did for myself..(hamik ko Intan..aku tulis dalam bahasa omputeh)  I met my VERY close friend from during my childhood, Intan, after 21 years of not being in contact.  I could never recall why we drifted apart because we were extremely close to each other doing just about everything together..In the afternoons after school, we would go to a river near my place and just spend hours and hours in the water looking for gold.  At that time, there was this chaos about people finding gold in one of the rivers in Perak.  Then, afterwards, we would go on our bicycle and speed away to where our legs could cycle..we enjoyed each other's company so much we could have been lesbians!!  It was through facebook that we finally met up again, it was she who messaged me.  I was stricken with disbelief..to think that after many many years not knowing of our whereabouts finally through Facebook, we managed to reconcile our lost friendship...

Intan, ( a personal note to you) I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED YOU VERY MUCH AND I STILL DO!!! (see how lesbian I could get) I would love to link you all to her site because she wrote a piece on our get together just last Sunday, but she also posted pictures of me looking all oily on my face..not to my advantage as opposed to her who looks ravishing even after having 4 kids.

Well, time will come again  and since I know where she lives, I WILL drop by some more.  This time there would be pictures of us together...Oh yeah, my Iman came along and she bonded instantly with Intan's children..I shall post pictures when I get my extension. 
(Intan, Satisfied ....??? Love u n Adeq!) 

I'm spent..physically and financially..heheh..but it was worth every penny because you only have to look at my children's faces to know why..all gleaming with joy..And this is a secret, okay...not only did they not utter a word about their father, I,  accidently forgot about him too being drowned with all the exciting things I did with my 'terrors'..heheh..not missing him yet!  Well, there goes..my holiday has come to an end. It'll be another two more months till the next one comes along..until then..Adios, semester break! Back to work again!

This is nothing but my plain ramblings for today!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kita nih orang Malaysia...cakap Melayu laaah...

I remember when I was just 17 years old and waiting for my SPM results.  I decided to look for a job to fill in my time.  I didn't like the kinds that my friends were all employed as, such as being a sales assistant or being the check-out girl or even that familiar face at KFC even though they made it sound all so fun. I wanted something more than what my 17 years of age should have been into.  I knew for the fact that I wanted to use my only asset to my advantage..hey..not my natural C-cup boobie, but my ability to speak English very well, of course.

I did just that as a receptionist and I was paid very well to do a 9 to 5 job which consisted of merely speaking to guests and transferring calls, as well as assisting customers with inquiries that were within our limits.  It was totally awesome to be able to work in an environment where everyone spoke in English and boy did I impress people for being a dopey-looking obesed MALAY gal who spoke English very well.  That was  an experience I would always treasure, being in the corporate world where everyone looked so fine and high-classed even if they were only clerks of all works but because they all spoke in English, it made my working environment so exquisite.  And since then, I vowed that my husband and children would speak to me in English where ever  my household is concerned. 

Now, it has been many years after that moment in my life and with three little ones hovering all over me, I have managed to keep my part of the deal.  All my children speak to me in English.  Although it has done us some good, my in laws (father, mother, brother, sister, cousin and the whole nine yards) would sometimes switch to English when communicating with my bodyguards, it has also brought negative perception to us too!   Imagine getting cynical remarks from the locals upon hearing us speak to each other happily in English, we are constantly made into fools at our weekly night markets.  Some of them would speak to us in Malay but with poor imitations of  the American accent, and sometimes they mock us by trying to speak in English in the most ridiculous way with bad grammar which crucifies the language itself.  

For instance, the nastiest thing that happened to me was when one of the customers at a stall I was at, boldly retorted, " Kita nih orang Malaysia, cakap Melayulah..!"  when he overheard my colleague and I speaking to each other in that forsaken foreign language.  Terkasima I jap..coming from a man, who works in the oil and gas industry, that was shameful..not for me but for him!  Another incident happened to me when I was visiting a colleague in another school  for some exam things.  I noticed that I would instantly switch my language mode to English when ever I am  around language teachers so, meeting another English teacher at that school, naturally I spoke to her in English.  Then one of the teachers from that school said, " Oh, we should get out now. They have started to speak in English...Dok reti lah.."  How  despicable is that when an academician puts another academician down?  Definitely, I would be speaking in English, namely because I am an English teacher!!!  What values would I be imparting to others when I constantly preach that you must speak the language to master it when I myself am not doing just that?   Again, it is very shameful because remarks like that only show how wide our mind is in accepting  others (not wide at all!) and how narrow and shallow we are in terms of our mentality.  Sadly, this is the Malay way of thinking!!!

People often think that I look down on my native tongue because I am always fumbling for words when constructing sentences. No, I am fumbling for words because when you want to convey your opinion in meetings, I think you must use polite words especially to your elders and superior.  I can speak Malay as fluently as my English, but only if you can stand to hear the language being murdered by me for I speak fluent Bahasa Melayu pasar.  People often suggest that my kids would fail terribly in the public examinations because they would not fare well in the BM paper.  They think....little do they know that my boy speaks perfect Malay, when he chooses to.  It is as if you are hearing the words out of a textbook.  That is how perfect his Malay is!  If you want to hear him speak Malay casually, you would hear the Terengganu dialect coming out from his mouth.   If you hear me babbling to my kids, you would then hear a mixture of English (a mix of the Canadian and British accent), my cakap orang nogori as well as the normal Malay everyone else use.  So, while I am comfortable to use English as my main language, I DO KNOW how to speak in Malay..and same goes for my kids!

Being Malay, I think we should feel proud of ourselves for being able to master this international language.  Do not feel compelled to use it only because you hear me speaking it to my kids that you automatically code switch to English when commanding your child to do something. Kesian budak-budak tuh...terpinga-pinga sebab tak paham...but that was a good attempt anyways.  And another thing, don't fake your accent or stress on the voiced dental (alveolar trill) /r/ sound too much.. Mat Saleh pun tak cakap macam itu. Getting stares and glares that mean nothing less than the feeling of remorse is something I am accustomed to now, but it saddens me when people think that I am doing it only for show.  Who the heck do I want to show off to? As a teacher, I know how important English is in the world of knowledge, business and also communication.  If we do not know it, then we would direly fall behind.  I do not want my kids to fall behind direly!!!! 

I know the perks you get when you are fluent in the language..I can still remember my first paycheck of RM 1100 as a receptionist in one of the leading software companies many many years back!  I was quite well -paid..well because most of the customers could understand me, I guess.  Seriously, you can go so far if you are able to converse in English..believe me!!!  So, kita nih orang Malaysia...cakap Melayu laahh....harus ker??  

p/s  Ye..I sedar my writing is nowhere near excellent but my writing is on speaking okay..Alang!!! 
"my writing is on speaking" ... I like that ... clever use of oxymorons :)

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Tunggulah barang satu atau dua hari lagi..

Kepala nih ada macam-macam benda yang hendak diluahkan..tapi tak terluah sebab penat sangat melayan karenah 3 orang kanak-kanak riang kepunyaan saya.  Petang tadi mereka dibawa ke Cosmos World that is in Berjaya Times Square.  Pergi tadi tak bawak pun Cik Estee sebab anak-anak nak naik bas. Kesian depa...jakun yang teramat!!  Especially the little one..yelah..kat Ganung mana ada public transportation sehebat kota metropolitan ini.  Kalau ada pun bas HIMDA and Thong Aik yang melewati jalanraya sepanjang Kemaman ke Dungun. Itupun sejam sekali and tak masuk pun kawasan mansion I.  So, that justifies why I have never brought them on bus rides in Kerteh.  There aren't many buses anyways.  Tak cukup nak naik bas, naik naik kereta api lagi.  So, half of the journey was by bus and the other half was by monorail.  Hai anak-anak...pergi Ruwais nanti, tak tauler jadi lagu mana??

Sampai kat Cosmos World, tak lah ramai kelibat manusia so my kids nih treat that place like the funfair Siam that they are used to.  Ikut suka hati depa jer tak nak beratur for the secong round.  Ingat Ayah dia kot yang punyer Cosmos World tu..they all sat in the ship looking extremely angelic, guilt free as if the ship was on a petrol stop.  Mujurler adik-adik yang jaga line tuh kata it was okay since there weren't many people aroung.  But the best thing was, all the other kids pun buat benda yang sama.  Naik the same ride for hours and hours end and remained in the seat untuk turn yang kesekian kalinyer..Kelakar sangat..

Macam-macam lagi karenah dia orang yang boleh diceritakan but just thinking about it is already making me woozy.  Guess I need to rest my brains for another day ahead to being lurked by my dumplings who early in the mornings would yell in my ears " MUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMM, where are we going to today???"  Nasib baik Ayah korang tak dok!!  Bijak budak-budak nih..dia tau Pok dia tak dok, so dia buat ler rindu kat Ayaaaaaaaahhh...so Mum lah jadi mangsa dari segi jiwa and kewangan untuk mengalihkan your demam rindu towards your Daaaaaad.  Well, don't take this wrongly ...I LOVE THEM TO BITS!!!!!! Hehehe..

So, wait ler for a day or two for my entry...bukanyer menarik pun, so ada ke, takder ker..it doesn't make a difference.

This is my plain ramblings for today!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Exam Week..

This is my way of keeping my students quiet during the exam.

And the result is:


Exam's over now.  Happy Holidays, Teachers!!  You guys deserve it.
( giving credits to my phone: All  pictures and videos were taken by my HTC Touch Diamond 2)

Irking me to the ground.

Do you want to know something?  If you feel like making my day go bad, it is not that hard.

The first thing you can do is just don't pick up your hard earned phone! 
I really hate people who have a mobile phone, one of the latest kinds, but do not know how to pick up that piece of communication tool. 

What is your deal??? It's not that you have to pay when I call you! I'm the one who is paying the bills...unless you are in another country which I am pretty sure you aren't.  If you think I am undeserving of your noble attention, there are other ways to do that like giving me icy cold treatment instead of not picking your phone up. How would you feel if I did that to you??  Hear my advice okay...take your phone, bring it to the kitchen, put it on a chopping board and  hammer it until it becomes dust okay!!!

And another, people who makes promises but break it is also another one of those creatures I despise. Do you think that your time is much more worthier ( I know this is so grammatically wrong, but I like the sense of exaggeration it brings) of mine, that you let me wait and wait and wait for you, postponing every other useful things that I can do.  And even if you could not make your appointment with me, did you not learn in school or elsewhere that you have to call that person to cancel your appointment so I could just go on with my life?? Wa tak fahamler...Lu orang ada otak, so lu pikirler sendiri...wokey..! 
( Ugghhh...this Nabil tagline is soooooooooo not me!!!)

This is my plain ramblings for today.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Giving them a break...

Today is the last day of school for this semester at least.  Last days never fail to make me teary and all mushy inside because I hate parting with my 'children'.  Yeah, although they annoy me to the core, still, they are my 'children'.

I only had two hours today and being the last day, these hooligans (I say this lovingly) are already hyped up to end their semester and since they had just finished their last paper for the mid term exam, I decided to give them an early break. Today's class turned out to be filled with tons of entertainment that tickled me to my bones.  Just imagine me playing the games they do and having hordes of students from other classes whom were all watching me.  And the best bit is, I lost in the game of ..hmm..actually, I don't even know what the game is called! Funny to see them all cheering when I admitted my defeat and one had to say, " Teacher..you actually lost??" which dented my ego..come on..a 17 year-old looking teacher who is actually a thirty something gal lost to a 14 year-old boy..how bad would that look on you? But I was quick to reply to save my own face " Well, just giving you the chance to beat me. I don't like to pick on someone who is not my own size.." But I guess they knew my retort was to conceal my broken ego..hehehe.

As you can see, my territory is the one in red inked pen. I lost big time!!!

Then, Hizabudin, decided to perform some card tricks for me much to the amusement of the other students too. So, teachers of other classes, I have to say that when your students were playing truant, they were in my class...coz I was hot today!! Here, enjoy Hizabudin's show.

And another one..by my Form 4P student.

Lovely, isn't this. To see what they are best at doing to compensate for what they lack somewhere else. Another 14 more days till I get to see these students again, but beware my children , no more fooling around because I'll be bringing my cane to wallop you kids for failing the exam!!! Hehehe.

This is my plain ramblings for today.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Please, pardon me Sir!

(btw I regret to say that I have a personal dislike for any reference to f*… in a blog, no matter how utterly disgusted one may feel over something – more so from one involved in education.) 

Yes, En. Awang (this time)... I have to agree with you on this one!! If you read my previous entries, I recall saying that I do take criticism seriously especially the constructive ones.  Indeed, I have to watch my language even when I am blogging; who knows when one day, students who look up to me might stumble upon this blog like you did and become repulsed with such profanity resulting in their lack of respect towards me.  My brother has repeatedly told me to ban such horrid words from appearing on my blogs, but me being stubborn little me decided to ignore it!  Well, yes, I am a teacher... but I can guarantee that I have never spoken such words with my students, it is totally unacceptable; even by me!  

However, in my defense, when I return home I would like to undress my teacher costume and put on my Plain Jane one, to be disconnected from that teacher portfolio and to just become me.  I need my own space and I need my freedom of speech... but does it mean that I must use profanity??? Definitely NOT!  Teaching is a prestige, and not everyone can be one... I guess we are hand-picked by God.  And being given that honor, I have to admit that it is my duty to uphold it with the highest dignity in any possible way.

So, thank you and my appreciation is dedicated to you.   On a serious note, I enjoyed reading your view even though a bit shamed at myself for my... misconduct.  So, I will try to turn into a new leaf and use other words to replace the effing ones... hehehe... pun intended..  So, please excuse my French!!!  Do drop by again, that is if you haven't lost your way here in your race that may put the Isle of Wight to shame...
Thanks again!!! :)

Flower for the teacher..
(Picture Source: Google Images)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Teacher's Thoughts...

Terengganu's reputation for being No. 1 for 9 consecutive years when it comes to the UPSR result is nothing to give a blind eye to.  This year alone, 3664 or 15% of the 23 9444 candidates obtained all A's including in their English paper, obviously.

Now, the question I would like to pose is, why can't Terengganu produce similiar results in the PMR examinations (English paper)where we are shamed by other states that did not get as many excellent students during the UPSR examination? However, some may say that it is because these candidates were gruesomely drilled to face the examination that they lack the proper understanding in the usage of the language. But, I digress because where there is drilling,  if I am not mistaken, the students would have had memorized certain sentence structures. Therefore, simple grammatical mistakes namely in the use of the Subject-Verb Agreement should not have been made. 

For example, a common mistake made by most of the 5As students who register at the school I teach is

i.   " Ali and Abu is brothers"
ii.  " I are the first child."

Another frequent mistake that these students make even until the day that they are about to take their SPM English 1119 is :

i.  "At here, we had a great time"
ii. " The next tomorrow, we departs for home"

Do not misconstrue me, for I am not implying that it was easy, peasy and weasy for the English teachers of the primary school to produce these "A" students, it definitely is not!! But, unlike the questions in PMR or SPM students would have had to deal with all sorts of questions be it writing a letter (formal or informal), a report, an article, giving instructions, writing recount on events or experiences.  Needless to say, different formats have a different tone, using different tenses and vocabulary.  With respect to this, it is incredibly unjustified for people up there to use the UPSR result as a benchmark!

Having said this, one might bloody say (you know who you are) that the PMR teachers including those teaching the students in their first and second year of secondary school have not been doing their job(S)! WTF????? The truth is, we HAVE been doing our job but it is insufficient if the teachers are alone in the battle for success whereas students prefer to be spoon-fed or to be drilled again and again and again with no consideration at all towards completing their homework which, in fact is a good practice of the language.  

PMR and SPM is horrificly different when it concerns the sentence level and also the maturity of thought.  It is insufficient for the students to simply elaborate a single phrase into a proper sentence and think that they will score A's for English.  They need to elaborate that single idea and turn it into some sort of a reading pleasure, captivating the readers' interest and bear in mind that all these must be done within a limited time served with stress as a condiment and having the lack of proficiency..this does not come to an advantage for some students. Thus, doing their homework and seeking assistance from their language teachers is a must to train them to be proficient users of the language and a lot of effort and practice is imperative for a student to achieve excellent results in their English tests.

Another thing is, the students are not capable in grasping the fundamental aspect of excelling in English which is having ample vocabulary in hand with the use of proper grammar simply because for one, they are LAZY and EFFORTLESS.  In other words, they refuse to read texts or materials written in English giving lame excuses such as "Tak paham setarang.." ( I don't understand a single word.) It takes two to tango, bebeh!  You must seek the language for the language to seek you.  Vocabulary does not come magically or through waving your secret wand but you need ample and consistent/constant reading.  If the love for reading English materials ( porn not included!!!) can be incalcated, I can guarantee that they can multiply the deposit of vocabulary in their bank of words. 

Last and not least, another factor to why we cannot achieve remarkable performance in the English exam is because most of the students boldly express their refusal to use the language on a day-to-day basis.  I can't blame them on this one because some are being ridiculed with taunts like " berangan nak jadi omputeh", " Mung nok sangat ke jadi mat saleh" or the most popular.." fuyoh...speaking mung Awang..hebak.!!!! Pah nih buley lupo budu lerr..owk??" (All these are their friends mocking them using the language).  My colleagues and I, without a doubt, do feel embarrased at times to be speaking in English where the society deem it as something as not a norm but for the love of teaching and educating, we forget all that negativity and brave the tides in front.  Without using the language, how does one think that they are able to grasp it?  Speak the language, then only can you master it. 

Tell me, and I will forget.
Show me, and I may remember. 
Involve me, and I will understand.
 (Confucius, BC 450)

It's as simple as that..students can understand the knowledge if they participate in the process of teachings. Ye dok?? ( me, trying to be a Terengganu gal)  This is just my humble worthless opinion based on my students.  I may be wrong.

This is my plain rambling for today...