Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I intended for my entry today to vent my anger towards some people who made my blood really go upstairs today with their sarcastic remarks when I came back to work after a full two weeks off.  However, swish..like swish..marah jadi malu!!! 

It happened just like swish..the anger of mine after I read a blog by an acquaintance concerning how certain people use their blogs to relay things that are inappropriate at times.  Well, bengkak jugakler hati and tebal jugakler muka Cik yang comel nih..because I DO THAT!!  I have three offensive entries..yeler..to release the ache inside..but was it a good thing to do?  After reading her blog, who eats the chili they will feel the hotler..so I ler yang rasa pedas sesangat tuh..terus terpadam niat nak menge*****kan diri sendiri.. So, fans..(if I may call you who read my blog that..huahua) have a look at  http://beskotkeras.blogspot.com/I shall not stop writing.." and you tell me..was it worth your time?  

It sure worthed mine..at least, dapatler pahala sket hari nih kerana bersabar...Thanks Kak J..

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