Friday, May 21, 2010

On being disconnected..

I had never imagined that my life would be slightly hay wired due to technical glitches on my PC until it happened the past four days when I was not able to access my favorite site on the net.  I keep on facing a dead end when I have tried everything possible to fix my PC based on my limited technical knowledge of the computer only to be welcomed with the notice "This web page is not available" every single time I try to access sites I frequent (FB, mails and blogs).

I was at a lost for these few days for not being able to access my e-mails, my FB account but most of all, I was a lunatic in the making for not being able to access my blog account.  Hahaha, it amazes me to think that blogging is something I extremely enjoy lately even though I may not have the number of fans that could make Uncle Lee cry.  Well,  it is my sanctuary, if I may call it, to be able to express my feelings of sorrow or happiness (with certain limitations..*wink*to Kak J) with people out there who are not here to judge me.  Finally today, being at my mams house, I am able to satiate my torturing addiction to a little blogging fix.  

So, here a few things that I wanted to blog on:

Teacher's Day 
It was dull and boring, nothing that could beat previous years' celebration. I do not know what happened along the way since I was on leave but according to some people, this year, it was the students who were in charge of  organizing the Teacher's Day celebration and teachers had nothing to do with it unlike previously, we, the teachers had to organize our own celebration with events and activities that we had thought of ourselves.  I have to admit, it was shameful with the PPD officers and our YD-PIBG witnessing  the arrangements that went everywhere but because it was done by untrained hands and for that matter, I think these students need an applause for their effort.

Back at work
Thought I was going to loathe going back to work and have my children constantly on my mind, instead it was  not anything like that at all!  I did have my kids on my mind but not constantly, only when I had the time off in between classes.  I enjoyed teaching after not doing so for nearly a month and I realize that I am born to teach..hahaha...Seriously, it's good to be back at work and to be welcomed with a mile of smile on my students' face when they see me entering the class.  And it is nicer when some of them asks me " How is your daughter now?"  So, they do care about me..

When each class I had ended, all I could think of was "If only I had another hour with them..." Yes, there is so much to cover after my absence and guilt is staggering within me at the moment.  They are very much left behind and I have so little time to finish everything and anything needed.  Hopefully they would agree to come during the mid-term break since I won't be going anywhere in the first week..maybe that would help a bit..

My virgin driving trip to KL
Yesterday, I drove the entire journey to KL.  My Mum has been complaining that her chest felt tight and with a history of having a bad heart we decided to go back to KL last night so she could see her cardiologist.  It was a bit nerve-wrecking because I have never driven at night on roads I am unfamiliar with and the cars sped like nobody's business on my left and right which had increased my heartbeats to a critical state.  And to make matters worst, God had to test me on my first driving trip back home with showers of rain. It was raining cats and dogs and zebras and bananas and was as if the world tumbled right before my eyes, it nearly blinded me. 

My mum was there as my pillar of strength reciting some 'zikir' to my Khalida to soothe her to sleep. It soothed me gave me God gave me a test and I thought of God during the whole time, and God pulled me through.  Somewhere in between, Mummy said to me " If you can reach Karak in this state of rain, that means you are a good driver! You can drive well then."  That boosted my will to carry on and not to admit defeat by asking her to take over the wheel. But as soon as we reached Karak, the compliments I was expecting never turned up.  What she said was," I will not let you drive alone at night, not at 140 kmph."  Whaaaat???? Where is my "You are a GOOD driver, Kida" ????  Well, mum knows best...I was driving at 60 km when it rained but sped more when it did'nt. So yes, I was not to be left alone!!

We reached KL after 4 hours on the road with all our 'shi-shi' stops here and there.  So, Hafiz, eat your heart out!!!  I am just 30 minutes behind you although you drive like a mad man at 170 kmph, with heavy consumption of petrol.  I still have a little more than half a tank left!!! Kudos to me!!

That's about it for now. Until I figure out what is restricting my access on the web, I guess I have to say " Till we meet again."

This is nothing but my plain ramblings for today.


Doria Robert Kawen said...

Pat on ur back for driving a long and tiring journey to KL!! I hv never drive the whole entire journey from Miri to Kch myself so congrats dear!!
Btw,how's aunty now? Hopefully she is fine and fit as usual. Salam kat dia,miss her..

and dear, do take care of urself. If only I am living somewhere near u, I would drive together with u to KL..ko merasa pulak super drift mcm aku u!

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Rosfida, I love your lively sense of humour.
Reading your pc health problems...not sure how old or what software you have....
but check out about 'Defragmentation' if you have it...

Sometimes, or not very often a computers, subject to model and age has these a house with furniture lintang pukang, or children moving chairs, stuff around cluttering up the room or house.
Thus 'Fragmentation' MIGHT help clear up the mess, helps find what you looking for. Not to mention quicker access to your places of interest.

Again, there may have been sites or certain advertisments you have kliked on or gone into...SOME MIGHT have malicios cookies, Trojans, Spybots, certain viruses, Spam....and even Key logging malicios cookies that sneak into your pc....and reads, copies your passwords, whatever.

As well certain cookies will jam up your pc or causes it to lose certain programs.
Just be aware as well have good protection measures to guard your pc.

And be very, very careful in letting anyone check out or repair your pc, and takes it home or overnight.
An unscrupulous person can download all of what you have in your pc in 15 over for you. Habis cherita!

Get a good friend who knows about computers to check out your computer....BUT! In your presence....and do not let anyone transfer or download into another disc or hard drive....

Check out your computer instruction book for the problem will help.

Read about your driving, ha ha...'virgin trip'....for a moment I was thinking....never mind, ha have a great week, stay young, and simpan satu lagu dalam hati, Lee.
ps, no wonder I was coughing here...thanks for the mention, *wink*.

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Thanks Doria..
and I know I could always count on you..

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Uncle remind me of a colleague of mine who has a certain charm to turn something so innocent to "what you were thinking" think of me telling on my virgin experience..for your eyes only then...ahahhahaah..

Yes, good advice on my PC PC still new okay..bergetah lagi..nothing of the old kinds that hiccups and causes was my router making all the fuss and thanks to my SIL's hubby, he fixed them and ..I'm here now..

Hmm...since hubby dah lameeeeeeeeeeeee takder...should I indulge in some notti notti thoughts about my BIL like you on your SIL?????