Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh no, another week off..

Yup, another week of not going to work for me.  My dearest Khalida has been infected with ILI and my paediatrician has specifically told me to nurse her myself since her bronchiolitis is bad too, hence, the week off.

There goes my life as a chauffer, full-time cook and also a nurse again.  My kids, all three of them are enjoying my presence home to the fullest although I am scared stiff of what people in school might be saying about my absence that has become quite frequent of late.  Nevertheless, I am lucky completely that the present Principal is quite understanding of my situation, and when I do turn up for work, there is never a time that she doesn't ask about my children's health which soothes me a lot unlike the previous one who would always throw sarcastic remarks every time she bumps into me. 
Well, Pn. A, anak2 kau sumenyer have never faced what I go through but when you do face what I face, you can come to me and we can share stories okay...

So this week, I am stinking with the vile smell of Tami-flu, Paracetamol and Rhinatiol and oh ya..Ventolin and also having to struggle to put ALL those medicine down my baby's throat.  What an adventure..

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A.I said...

cepat2 sembuh tau..risau le skang ni. anak2 aku kt umah pon demam. esok nk bawak gi klinik gomen wat blood test..huhuhu