Friday, May 28, 2010

Everybody thinks he is all that...

She loved him with all her heart, sacrificed what she loves just to please him,  left a career that promised wealth, neglected her studies, above all...she gave him her entire self.  

Living a life where your marriage is just a sham is not something easy to do especially when there are children involved. You want to break free but you can't let go..Is it easy to pretend that life is reasonably fine when your heart is slowly breaking into a million pieces?   Just imagine having to smile and laugh all at the same time  in order for you to save your husband's face from his friends, colleague and family who thinks he is a superb man; while inside, you are loudly crying and need to unleash your woes..How does it feel to have a husband who never has time for you but always have time for his friends?? It isn't easy..and I can tell you this!!  It kills you and snatches your whole life..your laughters are never full of life because you don't have it any more!  You live but you are actually dead inside..Sorrow is never an option, it becomes your way of life and you only live for the sake of your children.  Her story is sad..deeply moving..being neglected..not in terms of finance but her emotional fulfillment.  She has always been sidelined to make way for everything else important; Everything else is important but her.  She tries to spice up her marriage but it seems he's allergic to it, she tries everything to make him notice her but it seems she has disappeared from his sight, she cares for him back to health and when she is sick he is so busy at work but the only time he is willing to play nurse is when he needs to ease the frigging sore on his bulging rod down there..
He's a lucky man and he just doesn't realize it!  He is lucky that she has so much patience in her to withstand all that he has done to her, he is lucky that she only expresses her sadness to a couple of friends and during the whole time she cried when her heart was wounded, she has never spoken a single bad word of him but blaming everything on her.  Today, just as she broke this news to me, she still regards him with respect and upholds him above everything else even when he has said:

" It's not that I don't love you....I fell in love for the second time"

Everyone thinks that he is a great man, a great husband, a great father, a great friend , a great boss and  a great colleague but only she knows to what extent his greatness is..which is not great at all!!!!! 

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