Monday, May 24, 2010


I don't know why but lately I have been thinking of Canada.  I miss it terribly to the point that sometimes I can feel the heat against my skin and  the light summer breeze on my face as I sit on the swing in the park opposite our apartment.  I can still picture En-Chi's house which is a block away from where I used to live and the ponds we used to skate on during those icy cold winter nights. The scent of apple cider piercing my nose and the sweet sweet smell of snow especially when Christmas is so close by..aahh...the sounds of the bells and thinking that a reindeer had landed on top of our roof with presents for us..and candy canes of all sorts of colors and flavors and making Gingerbread cookies and Rice Crispies squares during reccess.  I want to eat the Jube Jubes and Tootsie Rolls..and chomp on a bar of Snicker's ice-cream to cool my throat especially during the hot days here..

I miss it so much I can cry just thinking of it..I want to go back to my childhood so I can walk down the lane to where we used to wait for the bus and see Ben's huge grin on his face when he greeted us for that morning.  The trips to the farms for Halloween, choosing pumpkins that my tiny frame (then) could carry and not to forget...strawberry picking and eating as you pick them.  Making candles at the pioneer village and having walks in the forest..I miss the fence we used to stand against while waiting for the bus after school...I miss the hollow silence of the corridors on my way to the bathroom..

I want my Ottawa..I want Mr. Christie..our computer teacher, who we used to make fun of saying that he made good cookies...  I want to hug Mrs. Queen who uses "buckets and buckets of Oil of Olay" to maintain her youth and to help Sarah cut the paper figures  for our class decorations.  I miss Miss Winn, my English teacher whose class is for international students like myself and whose class I refused to leave after she said I was proficient enough to learn French, whose class I returned to after Pauline noticed I detested French..

Mere words cannot express or describe how I feel at this moment..the longing for a place that I once enjoyed, the place I have fond memories of, the place where I lost half of my heart to..I miss Ottawa and all that it has given to me, once when I was younger...

This is nothing but my plain ramblings for today...


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Rosfida, wow! You were living in Ottawa? I never knew that.
And yes, I can understand how much you miss or long to be here....
The 4 Seasons.

Rosfida, it is never too late. You have been here, studied here....I'm sure the Canadian Government will welcome you back.

6 months ago a friend and her young family arrived here to start their new lives here in Toronto. They love it.
And last month my wife's niece arrived, with hubby and teen daughter....they too got their PR recently, and starting life here.

My BIL and SIL are here 2 months on holiday, going home to KL next month....they have already fallen in love with Toronto...and will be waiting for their daughter, wife's niece here, to sponsor them back here asap.

Rosfida...come to Canada....The Government wants people like you.
Your Canadian friend, Lee.

Rosfida Abu Sufi said...

Uncle Lee,
If I were single, then I would definitely be your coffee partner for those days when you wait for the Missus to finish her retail therapy.

Unfortunately, mu husband does not share the same love I have for Ottawa. He is just not into the cold weather...tak tahan sebeno nyer..Sob...sob..

Ur invite to reside there is extremely alluring...if only..

Yes, I will keep a song in my heart..